Blast in Mumbai!!!!

Yeh, i am having a blast in mumbai. I heard a lot about the traffic and the hectic life here, but witnessed it for the first time. It’s not that bad as it is recited everywhere. Thanks to hindi films for preparing me all these years for this visit. No chance of facing any difficulty remembering places after those countless encouters in hindi films.

I was fortunate to meet a gentleman from ONGC in train while on my way to mumbai. He graduated me on “How to live(read travel) painlessly in Aamchi Mumbai”. I made a pennyless commute from the time i got into train on new delhi station till i reached hostel 2 of iit bombay the next day. That gentleman even bought my local train tickets from mumbai central to kanjur marg, and all my attempts to retuen any cash were in vain.Thank god it was only  8 bucks. It didn’t stop there, after getting down at kanjur marg i took an auto and found another Mtech student of iitb for company. He not only made my journey to hostel-2 easy, where my friends lived,  but also didn’t let me share the rent with him. Such a nice guy.He went off after saying “Welcome to iitb”. It was surely a lucky day to meet so many nice people.

To be Continued…..


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