Morning Cuppa

We have become very regular at this coffee joint near the MRT. Nice coffee and great service.

The coffee has good flavor and Jessie always orders an upsize.



The pomodoro technique


Further to my quest of finding a good way to act upon your motivation( yes you can be motivated and still not doing anything) and converting your thoughts into actions.

Use the pomodoro technique( download instruction from their website) and combine it with any task management products like or or
Remember the milk or
Pen, paper and a file 🙂

Use for timer or

Search for “focus booster”
I am too lazy to put the hyperlinks but google them.

Simply by listing the tasks on a piece of paper as first thing in the morning and following it using a timer will do wonders to yours productivity and you will be proud of yourself, which in turn will make you feel happy and lead to more productivity!!!

Happiness and work can co-exist 🙂

That’s a thought worth wondering for a pomodoro 🙂

PS: if you hate the word pomodoro, just call them pomies or poms 😀

A novel after a long time


Now that I have realized that I have more free time than I thought, it’s time I get back to stuff I love. I love reading once in a while. My friend bachha and Mamme have convinced me long ago that books are way more fun than just movies.

Besides I enjoyed reading. I can take my time and read it again if I don’t get the point. Earlier I used to read just to finish the book and be cool. In time, I started actually understanding and loving it.

The book l loved the most is Tuesday’s with Morrie. The book I enjoyed the most was adventure of sherlock Holmes. I have read them twice.

I remember my friend IDR reading papillon in my first year of college and I was like – dude, Can you finish that thick book!!

It’s for those memories that I bought this book from the NUS bazaar for a real bargain. Books are expensive in singapore and I didn’t really enjoy reading in iPad. NUS bazaar is cheap and second hand books are gonna save the day.

Few notes on weight loss

I was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol in November. Something like 80% above average for my age.

It was described like a slow killer if I don’t do much about it. The immediate advise was to reduce cholesterol consumption, fatty food and reduce weight.

I thought of doing exercise but my routine was not cut for it. I read a book Jessie bought a while ago about dieting to weight loss. Simply put increase consumption of fibers and proteins and reduce consumption of fats and carbs.

I found my daily consumption requirement for sedentary lifestyle to be 2400 cal and set the goal for carbs to 1800 cal everyday and avoid the fatty good as much as possible.

Nothing else really. I had been going out and eating whatever I felt to be honest. Just reducing the amount of bad stuff drastically. I stopped eating the prata and switched with dosa. I had been eating a lot of Pratas before that. I reduced panner, cheese, chocolate and ice-cream. Moved to diet coke. Switched to low fat milk. Started drinking more green tea and lot of water. switched to olive oil at home and stopped eating rice and replaced it with chapati.

If there is no choice I still eat whatever is available. if I feel like eating something heavy I do it. Just watch the quantity. Coffee and tea is fine. Once a day 🙂 if you drink more, do the math and eat less later.

Results : lost 6 kg in 2 months. No jogging. Had a few days of site work. Other than that all sedentary.

Conclusion : Weight loss is perfectly possible Without huge diet changes. Just plain bloody reduce your diet.

Don’t eat more just because you spend half an hour jogging or in gym. Mostly you will not burn 200 calories also.

I am trying to add some more exercise to routine now.

Basically reduce the

Week 1 – 2012

It’s the first week of my experiment with the personal management system. I have seen decent progress in the amount of stuff I am getting done. There is generally a reason behind when I am doing what. Also, there is a track of what is being put on the waiting list due to some other urgent tasks. I fill my calendar everyday as a record of what I ended up doing and for how long. It took a lot lesser time to do most things than I initially planned. This is good.

It’s still Tough to schedule things and forget about it. The attitude to say NO or I will do it later will take a while to develop. I hope to stick with the plan until that happens.

It’s also tough to get rid of email checking habit. I am trying to check once in 4 hours. But the office mails ruin the program. Have to tell people that talk directly for urgent stuff.

I have caught up with fitness routine again. I am keeping it modest at the moment. Twice a week. One hour session.

I met a good friend Ewen Mac Donald. He loves to travel and fell in love with Japan. He finally made it there as an English teacher and totally loving the place. It feels great to be meeting friends again.

Looking forward to better weeks ahead.

the plateau of execution

Most of us who are enthusiastic about developing products and think of ideas while walking, sleeping, dreaming, waking up and especially when taking crap are very excited when we get something awesome.

We get ‘ol excited and put all nighters trying to find if anyone else have done it already. We tell our close friends about it, and annoy our partners with the awesomeness of it. This is the phase of high adrenaline. We put together the basic business concept, little math, big(niche) customer bae with a lot of plus points and few weak ones that can be taken care of(piece of cake!!). There is a list of things to do with a date(with a safety factor included) and we are casually sure that we will meet that proof of concept deadline with that great friend from college coding/engineering(etc) for me.



Then comes in the walls and the roadblocks. The silly stuff have taken all the time. The platform of programming was all wrong! The cool college friend doesn’t have all the free time he though and it takes far more longer to write that silly check, the code doesn’t work on the cloud and the design is below average. Suddenly no one gets your idea!

All sort of mess. pocket money is almost over 😦

Don’t give up. Don’t think of that new idea yet. Push through the walls.

Learn that ideas are worth balls. Products are worth millions. Good programmers are not so easy to find and staying motivated is about the toughest thing to do. Once you have learned that, REBOOT. There is a lot of learning from that last attempt.

Go back to the drawing board. Sketch a better plan. Find better designers, find better engineers, find a mentor(find two if you can), Share your plans with experts(they won’t steal, they have their own :P).

There is a plateau and you don’t know how far you have to go until you climb. Don’t give up. Keep walking.


is about the most difficult task to do.

One of the greatest reasons I admire Steve Jobs is for his endless chase to simplicity. It requires great character and a very resolute and focused mind to achieve it. One cannot achieve it when he is trying to satisfy everyone from the beginning.

As of now I cannot even write a blog post simply 🙂