The week before Chinese New Year

It feels awkward when Vietnamese call it Chinese new year! But then I don’t know what they call it.

Jessie’s Parents are here and she is taking them around for shopping and park hopping. The weather is a bit forgiving, specially in the park.

I had just spent another night dreaming, thinking, planning. I think there are some good takeaways from it and I intend to follow them and hope for a much regarding relaxing year ahead.



In the meantime I have to go hunt this tea that we had at Nana Tea. They don’t sell the packs :(

Vietnam Trip


Notre Dame Cathedral Ho Chi Minh


Hand Painted key chain and photo frame at flea


Decoration plants in awesome shapes. Couldn’t buy them due to import restrictions


A couple in rain on the bikes. Haven’t seen so many bikes anywhere together.

No better way to start a travel post than by pictures. I had an absolutely memorable trip to Vietnam with Jessie. Totally last minute and abrupt.

Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful city. More vivid and developed than I thought and far less crowded than I was told. People are friendly except for some flea shop girls :-)

Its a mecca of cheap and good quality stuff. The make authentic duplicate items at throw away prices. Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts for $10! Crumpler bags at $25 all with 100% authentic material at Saigon Square.

Anuj Choudhary:

Original Sin, ideal for vegetarian :)

Originally posted on A Colourful Window:

Went to Holland V today for some work, we passed a street full of eating place, which is different from the crowded Holland V area. Then, decided to have lunch at Original Sin, a vegetarian restaurant serving western food.

The food was really nice and so was the service. Not so crowded place as most people chose to sit inside. Overall, this place has been my new brunchin fav :)

Next week, I would love to try PS Cafe at Demsey


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