What do enginners dread most?


Just the name of it can cause mayhem in the life of an Engineer. For the non-technically oriented readers resonance refers to the degree to which a person and the environment mutually effect each other and build upon each other’s responses. Engineers will happily replace the person and the environment above with the systems and the working conditions(ain’t it also environment?), well who cares unless i made my point sink in.

While a design in under review the engineer keeps biting his nails, with the other hand’s fingers crossed and praying to god with grave faith that the inspector doesn’t come across any resonance he so very smartly covered up in the report submission. Engineers are so very afraid of things being in resonance that they totally leave out the possibility of such thing in real life. Ring any bells!? Better the breed of engineer, the more he is devastated by the thought of resonance. Does that explain something about the “geeks”. I can presume that you have read more than necessary literature about geeks being bad in socializing, hey but aren’t they getting trained to be so šŸ˜€

PS: I have spend last two weeks design a vibration model of a anchoring system for deep water oil rigs and failed miserably until last Friday when i defeated resonance :P.


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