To Sugar or not to Sugar?


So the creatures wonder
about their coffee conundrum,
To Sugar
not to Sugar?


Morning Cuppa

We have become very regular at this coffee joint near the MRT. Nice coffee and great service.

The coffee has good flavor and Jessie always orders an upsize.


Vietnam Trip


Notre Dame Cathedral Ho Chi Minh


Hand Painted key chain and photo frame at flea


Decoration plants in awesome shapes. Couldn’t buy them due to import restrictions


A couple in rain on the bikes. Haven’t seen so many bikes anywhere together.

No better way to start a travel post than by pictures. I had an absolutely memorable trip to Vietnam with Jessie. Totally last minute and abrupt.

Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful city. More vivid and developed than I thought and far less crowded than I was told. People are friendly except for some flea shop girls 🙂

Its a mecca of cheap and good quality stuff. The make authentic duplicate items at throw away prices. Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts for $10! Crumpler bags at $25 all with 100% authentic material at Saigon Square.

The pomodoro technique


Further to my quest of finding a good way to act upon your motivation( yes you can be motivated and still not doing anything) and converting your thoughts into actions.

Use the pomodoro technique( download instruction from their website) and combine it with any task management products like or or
Remember the milk or
Pen, paper and a file 🙂

Use for timer or

Search for “focus booster”
I am too lazy to put the hyperlinks but google them.

Simply by listing the tasks on a piece of paper as first thing in the morning and following it using a timer will do wonders to yours productivity and you will be proud of yourself, which in turn will make you feel happy and lead to more productivity!!!

Happiness and work can co-exist 🙂

That’s a thought worth wondering for a pomodoro 🙂

PS: if you hate the word pomodoro, just call them pomies or poms 😀

The funniest physicist :)


I haven’t read many biographies, but I am sure dick’s is one if the most fascinating ones. I will call it a successful life if I can have half the fun he had, 10% solidarity in character and a percent of his success in anything I do.

A story of a man of science full of mischief and life. He found his true calling in having fun and enjoying life. Always challenging his capabilities and overcoming his shortcomings in the most simple of ways. He gave everything his best shot and quite often came out victorious. He derived pleasure from the experience of doing something rather than kill himself for the goals.

As a man of logic and science, he believed in reasons behind doing things and looking for the best out of everything. In his brazilian experience he was able to define the deficiencies that plague our cog-in-the-machine Indian education system.

Before he delivered his last lecture, he had picked every single lock, worked on the first atomic bomb, championed getting laid at clubs, punched a son-of-a-gun on the face, played in rio dance fest and composed for belle, painted nude girls and sold the pictures in a gallery, metal-coated plastics, had out-of-body experience, got married thrice, had two great kids and won the bloody noble price( which he wanted to giveup as it will be a lot of bother)!

The most important of all would be his simple ways, respect for others, love of life and belief in eternal friendship. He was one of the greatest genius of his time and the biography reaffirms the fact that no matter how smart you are, it takes time and effort to figure things out. So, stop worrying and enjoy life.

Mr. Dick Feynman, I bow to thee.