Updates!!!!(Back Home)

Lot of things happened during the period between End sems and the time i actually reached home. I will do justice to it at some later golden moment( those moments were golden too ).

This was the best trip to home i have ever made. My brother planned everything well in advance, and the moment i stepped in i was hit with a big list of places including gurudwaras, Forts and some other hangouts.

It was pure fun. I went to the fort in Rang de Basanti and the fatehgarh fort. Took mom for a meal in McD and the next morning Mom literally crushed the McVeggie with apna Home Made Burger.

The new thing was that i went to a gurudwara. In fact two of them, One in fatehgarh and other near the RDB fort. Something felt really good about them. I sat there for a long time and felt very attached to it.The place where the fort is situated is Khanna in Ludhiana District. It’s only a stone throw distance from GT road. The place is all broken and crumpled but once you reach the rooftop after defeating those shattered stairways, there is only one thing that’s left to do : Admire the beauty of the Vista. It’s a feeling hard to capture by the shutters of a camera b’coz they can only see without any emotions. I can’t recall what my brother called that place. Will update it at a later time.

Fatehgarh fort is huge and must have been one beauty of a place to live in. It’s also very broken but comparatively very well maintained than it’s yokefellows. There is a huge Orchard inside and lot of place to have fun. Next time you are on a trip from Delhi to anywhere near Ludhiana make it a point to visit this place. It will be around 60 km before Ludhiana. Take a detour of 8km from GT road from a place named Mandi Gobindgarh and you will be there. The connectivity is good with very nice roads and there will be freshly plucked fruits plucked from the Orchards waiting to welcome you.

Apart from this it was all regular eat well and Crash hard Schedule at home.


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