Updates!!!(End Sems)

That’s a good heading mamme chose.Updates!! I didn’t write anything for a month due to no connectivity but there are loads to write about. I stopped writing as the end sems were getting closer and i had no clue of any courses, that a good point to start i suppose.

Had a havoc of end sems. The preends were the worst i ever had( no where above 15/40). It didn’t work out tat well even in end sems as we kept busy doing lot of design and other work. For the first time i wished that days were 36hrs long, and sleepin was TNR. But that wish remain infulfilled till day, and i am yet neck-deep in work load. I swear to never take up so many things at the same time again. The end sem results were invariably worse than expected( thanks to some unpredictable profs), and i am again a proud 7 pointer. One thing to cheer about was tat i literally assualted my doomed math exam end sems this time, yet managed only a D( pre ends were 7 end sems would have been easily 45+). Thanks to patro and one another very special person for making me achieve that feat. How bad will you feel in placements when you are 7.96!!!

Dedh was able to point one optimistic thing that Haliburton takes only 7 pointers(Phew!!). There is still hope left.


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