The pomodoro technique


Further to my quest of finding a good way to act upon your motivation( yes you can be motivated and still not doing anything) and converting your thoughts into actions.

Use the pomodoro technique( download instruction from their website) and combine it with any task management products like or or
Remember the milk or
Pen, paper and a file 🙂

Use for timer or

Search for “focus booster”
I am too lazy to put the hyperlinks but google them.

Simply by listing the tasks on a piece of paper as first thing in the morning and following it using a timer will do wonders to yours productivity and you will be proud of yourself, which in turn will make you feel happy and lead to more productivity!!!

Happiness and work can co-exist 🙂

That’s a thought worth wondering for a pomodoro 🙂

PS: if you hate the word pomodoro, just call them pomies or poms 😀


3 thoughts on “The pomodoro technique

  1. Nice post this with good links. Add to the list:
    (i). LeanLaunchLab for putting it all on a canvas & tracking hypotheses & much more. (ii). Little out of context but extremely cool, try for creating awesome presentations.

    Keep sharing! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments yaar 🙂 I have the Business Model generation book and regularly follow the practice of using the canvas to make sense of things 😀 I didn’t know about this Application though.

    will get an account there soon 🙂

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