Papillon – definite endurance and will power


Do not give up and settle for anything less than you deserve. Sometimes, the society with kick you in the groins and throw you in the gutter. Fight back. If you feel society is selling shit to you, don’t buy it. Fight as hard as you can. Fight till you succeeded or die trying with your head held high. It’s a far better end than rotting yourself to death while cursing the whole society.

Papillon had to withstand very harsh circumstances to even have a chance of getting his freedom. Papillon had a rage of punishing the ones who sent him down the drain. That rage kept him going. He was ready to face the consequence of trying and failing rather than succumb to the fear of failure.

He tried, failed and suffered, tried again, failed again and suffered again, yet again and again until he succeeded.

There is something very important to be learned from this story that applies to even out daily lives in the current advanced society. Do not settle for anything less than you deserve or doing anything other than your hearts Desire. Don’t follow to herd. Don’t listen to your parents, peers, teachers, if they don’t listen to you. Define your motive and chase it with all the rage that you have. Don’t be afraid of failing. By not doing what you want you have already failed. There is only success in your way. You have to find your peace, and it doesn’t necessarily come with wealth.

It’s very important to be able to respect yourself and the only way of doing it is to achieve what you truly desire.


4 thoughts on “Papillon – definite endurance and will power

  1. I was engrossed in this book so much that after his 2nd capture I was devastated and had to put it down. Hopefully, will complete it now on Kindle 😉

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