A novel after a long time


Now that I have realized that I have more free time than I thought, it’s time I get back to stuff I love. I love reading once in a while. My friend bachha and Mamme have convinced me long ago that books are way more fun than just movies.

Besides I enjoyed reading. I can take my time and read it again if I don’t get the point. Earlier I used to read just to finish the book and be cool. In time, I started actually understanding and loving it.

The book l loved the most is Tuesday’s with Morrie. The book I enjoyed the most was adventure of sherlock Holmes. I have read them twice.

I remember my friend IDR reading papillon in my first year of college and I was like – dude, Can you finish that thick book!!

It’s for those memories that I bought this book from the NUS bazaar for a real bargain. Books are expensive in singapore and I didn’t really enjoy reading in iPad. NUS bazaar is cheap and second hand books are gonna save the day.


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