Few notes on weight loss

I was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol in November. Something like 80% above average for my age.

It was described like a slow killer if I don’t do much about it. The immediate advise was to reduce cholesterol consumption, fatty food and reduce weight.

I thought of doing exercise but my routine was not cut for it. I read a book Jessie bought a while ago about dieting to weight loss. Simply put increase consumption of fibers and proteins and reduce consumption of fats and carbs.

I found my daily consumption requirement for sedentary lifestyle to be 2400 cal and set the goal for carbs to 1800 cal everyday and avoid the fatty good as much as possible.

Nothing else really. I had been going out and eating whatever I felt to be honest. Just reducing the amount of bad stuff drastically. I stopped eating the prata and switched with dosa. I had been eating a lot of Pratas before that. I reduced panner, cheese, chocolate and ice-cream. Moved to diet coke. Switched to low fat milk. Started drinking more green tea and lot of water. switched to olive oil at home and stopped eating rice and replaced it with chapati.

If there is no choice I still eat whatever is available. if I feel like eating something heavy I do it. Just watch the quantity. Coffee and tea is fine. Once a day 🙂 if you drink more, do the math and eat less later.

Results : lost 6 kg in 2 months. No jogging. Had a few days of site work. Other than that all sedentary.

Conclusion : Weight loss is perfectly possible Without huge diet changes. Just plain bloody reduce your diet.

Don’t eat more just because you spend half an hour jogging or in gym. Mostly you will not burn 200 calories also.

I am trying to add some more exercise to routine now.

Basically reduce the


2 thoughts on “Few notes on weight loss

  1. I would suggest you to just change your breakfast regime and watch out your lunch and dinner intake.For breakfast have sprouts , fruits(Seasonal) , a sandwich and tea/coffee.It is very important to induce more of non cooked food in ur diet plan

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