Week 1 – 2012

It’s the first week of my experiment with the personal management system. I have seen decent progress in the amount of stuff I am getting done. There is generally a reason behind when I am doing what. Also, there is a track of what is being put on the waiting list due to some other urgent tasks. I fill my calendar everyday as a record of what I ended up doing and for how long. It took a lot lesser time to do most things than I initially planned. This is good.

It’s still Tough to schedule things and forget about it. The attitude to say NO or I will do it later will take a while to develop. I hope to stick with the plan until that happens.

It’s also tough to get rid of email checking habit. I am trying to check once in 4 hours. But the office mails ruin the program. Have to tell people that talk directly for urgent stuff.

I have caught up with fitness routine again. I am keeping it modest at the moment. Twice a week. One hour session.

I met a good friend Ewen Mac Donald. He loves to travel and fell in love with Japan. He finally made it there as an English teacher and totally loving the place. It feels great to be meeting friends again.

Looking forward to better weeks ahead.


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