Simply Happy :)

What will make me really happy right now?

I don’t really recall asking this question to myself.  Sometimes the answer is right there in the moment.Image

I am sitting in a McDonalds on the orchard road of Singapore. Jessie and I love the twister fries served at McD only twice a year.  It’s a majestic location.  The whole place is decorated like a bride with beautiful blue and white lights hanging all along the road. It feels like the wallpapers have suddenly come alive and the sunlight is shining through snowflakes making them sparkle in the brightest colors.

There is another beautiful thing about this location, the chirp of birds. Leaving the bird park aside this is the only place I know where one can find the birds making this cacophony.  The only troubling part is that there is not a single drop of bird poop on the road underneath! It took me a few trips of the place to realize that there are no birds on the trees. Just some really well located speakers. But the effect is same. It makes me feel happy. Instantly.  I like to come here as often as I can afford to.


It’s a unique combination. Singapore is full of such details. They like to bring the world to the people. Just a while ago, I saw kids playing in artificial snow at Tanglin Mall. It was beautiful to see the smiles on the faces of parents there.  Tanglin is also one of my and Jessie’s favourite weekend breakfast locations. We like to go there for an early breakfast and enjoy their splendid Hummingbird cake along with classy scrambles eggs and delicious coffee served at Beviamo (An Australian restaurant in Brazilian flavour).

The kids do adorable things. There is a little girl trying to climb on the chair at the table next to me.  There is a tiny little fellow on the roadside taking his first step holding his dad’s fingers. Poor guy keeps falling and getting up again. Then there is the few year old who is having hard time understanding why mum doesn’t allow him to just Dig-in with all fingers in the ice-cream and use a Poke stick(spoon) instead! Kids are kids but one striking difference between the kids here and other places is that they are too damn silent. They don’t cry on the bus and trains which is in striking contrast from what I am used to from India! They just sit happily and quietly next to their mum playing with whatever they have (mostly an iPhone :D).  The European kids are a livewire and like to talk and have fun. Not crying either. The parents don’t stop them from feeling the freedom and let them have their way (as long as it’s not reallllyy getting out of hands). The Indian and chinese kids cry. After observing it for so long I had to ask why?  I feel it’s all in the upbringing and culture. More on it in some future post.

Photo Credits : Jessie 🙂 She loves taking pictures of everything she eats 😀


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