the plateau of execution

Most of us who are enthusiastic about developing products and think of ideas while walking, sleeping, dreaming, waking up and especially when taking crap are very excited when we get something awesome.

We get ‘ol excited and put all nighters trying to find if anyone else have done it already. We tell our close friends about it, and annoy our partners with the awesomeness of it. This is the phase of high adrenaline. We put together the basic business concept, little math, big(niche) customer bae with a lot of plus points and few weak ones that can be taken care of(piece of cake!!). There is a list of things to do with a date(with a safety factor included) and we are casually sure that we will meet that proof of concept deadline with that great friend from college coding/engineering(etc) for me.



Then comes in the walls and the roadblocks. The silly stuff have taken all the time. The platform of programming was all wrong! The cool college friend doesn’t have all the free time he though and it takes far more longer to write that silly check, the code doesn’t work on the cloud and the design is below average. Suddenly no one gets your idea!

All sort of mess. pocket money is almost over 😦

Don’t give up. Don’t think of that new idea yet. Push through the walls.

Learn that ideas are worth balls. Products are worth millions. Good programmers are not so easy to find and staying motivated is about the toughest thing to do. Once you have learned that, REBOOT. There is a lot of learning from that last attempt.

Go back to the drawing board. Sketch a better plan. Find better designers, find better engineers, find a mentor(find two if you can), Share your plans with experts(they won’t steal, they have their own :P).

There is a plateau and you don’t know how far you have to go until you climb. Don’t give up. Keep walking.


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