On emotional attachment and passion for your work

I generally blog when I am too free and wondering about life in general or when there is too much chaos to deal with and I am not being able to make sense of things.

Lately I accepted the fact that earning a good amount of extra money will solve a lot of my problems. So, I dedicated my focus to developing products. I do have a very strong technical profile and i have met people who recognized it and allowing me to work on their dream projects.

So far so good. Now executing projects required a good amount of labour and a lot of coordination. I am working with people I have never met which is on contrast to working with friends. To friends you don’t have to show a lot of feeling like appreciation, gratitude and there is no need to apologize. At least that’s the kind of friends I have. I will be nothing compared to what I am now without their constant support and guidance. Love you guys.

One of my biggest weakness is to understand the flow of emotions and it’s implications on others. For the simple reason that I am a bit emotionally shut down of a guy. I lack appreciation and gratitude in general. It becomes even more difficult with people I don’t know well.

I am working on a startup these days and one of the tasks is branding. I am working with an good team of energetic designers named Desto and one of my oldest platform programmers karthik. These are excellent people and had been doing good job. They are emotionally connected to what they do. I really like to work with people with such passion. My downside is managing their energy. The problem is purely coordination. I took some crucial decisions boldly like changing the logo without waiting for my partners consent. I had some comments that I withheld and let the work progress. In the end when we were nearing the end my partner rejected the logo and the color themes. The result meant that we have to redo a lot of work. I am from engineering design industry and revisions of work due to change of concept is everyday stuff for me. I did what I do everyday with my colleagues. Press the buzzer and say STOP. In my situations people just go grab a coffee have a look at the new concept and start working again. The client pays for the laptop hours and we try to reuse as much as possible of our current work. Sometimes we use it in future projects and nothing is wasted. We are not emotionally connected to the project. we don’t care.

However thats not the case with my design team. They adore their job. Their approach have touched me. They got all upset when I pressed the buzzer. I had no idea why were they freaked out. I thought it was money. As it’s with our clients. Here it was not. It’s really inspiring to see the level of attachment and commitment this young team has for what they do. This incident have cost me one day of downtime but an experience for a lifetime. Working with these guys have made me remember the basics of working Together on something you love.

I have read about this experience many times in books but experiencing it first hand is an entirely different experience.

Looking forward to not repeating the same mistake and wish life walks me through more such experiences. Sooner than later.




6 thoughts on “On emotional attachment and passion for your work

  1. Dost tera story bahot flow mein likha gaya hai and is very eloquent, can sense the maturity in your thoughts. Working with flexibility is what learning is all about. So yes, keep learning and from time to time introspecting your moves. You are very positive about criticism and take it is a stepping stone to greater good. Hope you continue like this and do fabulously is everything you love.

    I hope appreciating you does not contradict your opinion, we are here to see your grow, both professionally and personally.


    • Couldn’t have wanted anymore from this post bachhi than what you felt. I am always amazed that how less I know myself and how much more you understand me than I do. Love u.

      Moli BHAI.. I will try to always stand up to your expectations. Nahi toh gulle phod dena πŸ˜€

  2. much appreciated the motivation behind this blog. Some time back i also felt crazy about a dream i shared with 2-3 people. Turning that into reality gave me the biggest lessons of life, few memories that time can never erase. Even today when i look back in time, it still seems like a dream, however, not as a dream which died as dream, but a dream which lived itself the fullest.


  3. Bringing dreams to reality brings a lot of meaning to our time which is otherwise spent doing mundane stuff. Sooner or later one has to move on and take the risk πŸ™‚ As such there is only to gain.

    Thanks for subscribing πŸ˜€

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