Discovering ourselves within….

Dear All,

My apologies for asking this stupid question. Just bear with me and drop your first answer, preferably instantaneous and one word, for this question?

What way of learning is most natural to you?

Why are you so good in your first language?

Why sometimes things/feelings etc. are very hard to express for you, while it’s very easy for others? Like saying I love you?


9 thoughts on “Discovering ourselves within….

  1. 1. I don’t know. Never really thought about the right ‘way’ to learn. Any ‘way’ is cool for me as long as I learn.

    2. LOL, unfortunately I am not. I suck in Hindi. Though I must say it wasn’t like this ten years back.

    3. It’s only natural? Sometimes it’s hard for you, sometimes it’s hard for others. I guess this is what they call life! And life is never about the times when something was easy for you to do. Life is about the times when something was difficult for you to do. And you still went ahead and did it. All the best.

  2. 1. do-it-yourself
    2. (well not fit to answer this question because i am not good at my first language)
    3. ah! here comes to real question!!! looks like the above two were to disguise this one eh?!! anyway, this might be for multiple reasons… one, fear: of rejection. two: you may not really be a person who reflects upon yourself, your thoughts, your feeligns. You may not even know if what you feel is actually love.

  3. 1. experimantal

    2. practice- jab se bolna chalu kiya hai, tab se hi hindi main bol raha hn 🙂

    3. For the things you care you will always hesitate a little, at least. If others are saying it easily then they dont care enough or they have said it many times before.

    • @Dilli – feeling for something from the bottom of the heart is good. But there are people who are plain good at expression and some plain bad. It’s not that they don’t care. Just that they realize that it’s not gonna happen if you don’t speak out!!

  4. 1.Practical Learning.

    2. Solely determined by the language in which you think. Try talking to yourself in English, all the time. You will change your statement.


    • 1. We learn when we are able to visualize the advantage of learning. I found myself more interested in courses in which it was explained that how we are going to benefit from that course.

      2. I personally believe that there are different layers of mind in language department. Our thoughts operate without any language but when we try to express them (either to ourself or to others), the command is given to language department. The mind vibrates in that layer of language in which it had been practiced more and recently. So naturally it picks up that language. But when expression is needed in other languages loaded in other layers, it has to translate verbally. More energy is required as language department has to translate verbally one by one. This retards the operation. The more outdated or rusted (unused)the layer, the more energy is required and the damping will be more.
      :):) thoda lamba ho gaya!!! hehe

      3. Again I pick up your statement, “We damn start thinking about the possible consequences”.

      • @narain – the thought about translation And energy required is very interesting. I have also found some references relating to this :)) you might want to select psychoanalysis as a career!! Haha

    • @Priya – unimposed is indeed correct. But at the age of 25 why does everything becomes so imposed? Generally a 25+ year old working for himself has as much freedom of thought and action as a kid. But in general we all oldies almost suck and kids almost rule with any kind of learning.

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