A good tea can make you relive the emotions and times which make life worth it. That was made possible by a Himalayan tea latte at McD prepared by a sweet girl whose name tag read Cheng Li. I really felt like I must give a feedback even if it means nothing, so I just came back to McD website and dropped a quick thank u.

Now i wonder why didn’t i do it personally and also I wonder that a lot of you might be wondering why did I do it at all!! It’s just a standard latte at a standard coffee joint…

Just plain simple – at that very moment I felt lot of joy in it. But, more importantly I did it. It’s not as good as going and personally thanking her for it!! Well I just didn’t get the Idea when I was coming out and will definitely try do it the next time I see her.

Many a times we like a lot of things but forget the importance of appreciating it. Appreciation is important and it’s better when the person concerned knows about it. Don’t be shy. Just go ahead and do it. It ‘ll just bring a few smiles and add a few moments of joy in your and their lives.

These little things mark the difference between a good life and great life.


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