Work work work and where is my life??

The long work hours are leaving me in a very ruined physical and mental state. I love what I am doing and also learning a lot everyday, but at the end of the day enthusiasm fades under the shadow of exhaustion. Things become blur and I forget the primary reason for pushing myself and start asking the questions,”is it worth it?”.
Why am i doing this!!
What am i doing!!

Lately I realized that the extra time doesn’t add up as productive and at the end of the day my overall output doesn’t increase and the only thing that changes is my efficiency leaving me feeling less productive and adding to the psychological strain on my little brain.

On top of that i spend less time with my pals adding insult to the injury and leaving me craving for some more of those relaxing chats with good ol guys.

I should do something about it before i get lost in the world of complains just like my last job. So, I have decided to talk to my boss and try to get some flex solution.

I don’t really mind working long hours at this stage of my life provided I have some extra control as to how i spend them. I will be more useful and productive in 5-6 shorter spans compared to marathon 2 pre and post lunch session. It’s just not the way humans are meant to do things. If I keep sitting like this on that chair for some more years then soon i will need a back surgery :((

I don’t know how to pitch this matter being only one month in the company and as such the idea is completely rebellious to general office system.

Any thoughts guys???


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