A good morning

A good morning. It means a lot of things to different people. In general a good morning means a happy day ahead. At least for me.

I wake up today morning and felt good. Really good. Why? Why didn’t I feel the same for last few days. Everything is really the same as it was yesterday!!

Except that it’s not. A few things changed.

I woke up fresh after a good night sleep. Not short of it. Full of it. Everyday I ask myself a question after I wake up in the morning. Have i had enough sleep. The answer is mostly no. Today it was yes.

Then, I had enough time to fool around in the bed. That’s not generally the case when I am rushing to catch a bus at 6:30 after waking up half asleep at 6:20!! These 5 minutes of extra sleep are total bliss. Guess everyone knows that :))

Having enough time to wash your face before brushing your teeth and then looking at your wet face in the mirror pops the question. What’s up in the day?

That’s something I recommend everyone but largely not able to follow myself due to my sleeping mind everyday. Asking yourself what’s up is the most important thing you can do in a day. Nothing beats it. Nothing.

The answer to that question sets the mood for the day and you suddenly know everything before hand. You have enough time to slot things out, define the priorities and leave out things that can’t be bothered.

The last thing is to take a nice 5-10 min bath and dress up in a way that you like yourself. Eat a nice light breakfast just enough to keep you going till lunch.

Take a nice stroll to your car or bus/ whatever and don’t forget to sing your favorite song and wish yourself a good morning.

Raindrops keep falling on my head…


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