Jump the saddle….

If you want to make the world a better place,

take a look at yourself and

Make the CHANGE.

– Michael Jackson

I always considered myself to be the one with those insanely huge dreams and yet I drifted with the flow. For last few months. For once I let myself be exploited without any sense of achievement or satisfaction. I must strive to make a correction in myself that next time I will test the waters before wading them.  I am doing it already.

Shruti always says – Good things happen to good people.

I believed – There is always a good purpose behind everything bad that’s happening with you.

Today I feel a combination of both. I love the times when you reflect back at your life and everything looks so different. We just dont know what a moment of pain today will lead to in the future.

I realized it yesterday and got angry on myself and laughed today for making a fool out of myself. I suddenly feel a lot more happier and the music just sounds nice.

Enough Said. Back to work.. micky is ticking.


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