Tough week and a Great Tea….

I am not a great planner although very ambitious. I have learned to be positive under the confines of reality. Presently , as usual, I am trying to do a bit too many things. There is job, which deserves it’s due 44 hours a week. Then there is the work learning platform I am currently working on to earn some side money, experience, achieve college dream and also to give poor students a way to learn languages faster and better. I also took an initiative to design the foundation of an offshore wind mill platform with bunch of my friends in my leisure time, and some help to the friends back at IIT doing great stuff in robotics.

All was going well until I caught flu mid-last week. I was on medical leave for two days and wanted to use the time free from work for my other activities. That didn’t happen. I had no idea that I was actually sick until I made my condition worse by pushing myself. After that I lost my sanity. Felt irritated most of the time. Want to finish my stuff but also want to rest. Rest comes later. Preferences all messed up. I can’t help but wonder why I don’t make the right decision. It’s a small one right now, but the point is if i rested when I was supposed to then probably i would have been less irritated, recovered faster, and would have used lot more time.

It leads me to believe something i read on a blog “multitasking is doing two things in parallel in the same time it takes to do three things in series.” I promise to manage my time better.

Anyways, things are back on track after a good Jog, a nice game of badminton after long long time and a great cup of tea at starbucks. Give it a try. Tea Latte – Earl Gray. It’s the best tea I ever had. Best tea in a coffee shop 🙂


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