Why do we dream?


Why do we dream? I have pondered over this questions a few times, but today morning suddenly a thought crossed my mind. Dreams are just the interpretations of a lot of information that our brain recieves during the course of time but it is not wired to understand or interpret them. We don’t realize that because we do that very often and it’s part of being what we are. Humans  are capable of handling only a tiny bit of information that is thrown to them every moment, our brain just cannot process all of it. It processes whatever part it can, stores bits and pieces of some and ignores the rest. What I mean to say is that it doesn’t throw away that information instead it keeps it and tries to analyze it at a time when it doesn’t have to take care of other active processes.

The dreams are just the jumbled up visuals of those thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions that we couldn’t understand before may be because we aren’t capable of doing it from our knowledge and experiences!!! That’s why dreams are so mysterious….

Don’t you feel that?

Haven’t someone asked you to “sleep over it?”  Let’s hear in the comments..


5 thoughts on “Why do we dream?

  1. there are different kinds of dreams…1. with closed eyes, that you just cant remember..you forget it…
    2. with closed eyes which u can remember and they include realities and fantasies….i hv felt it at times and it feels so good to have such a dream
    3. with closed eyes around early mornings…..they convey a message or information or prediction, and that msg comes true. it has happened with me a couple of times
    4. with open eyes…the dreams we cherish and aspire to materialise 🙂

  2. We dream because dreams give us hope ..and that is the thing that keeps us going ..Simple and true ..All what you said comes down to this one sentence 🙂

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