I had to check the date of my last post to remember the last time I posted something I wrote. I connected the wordpress blog with twitter and facebook and what not and my personal blog became a junkyard. Mamme finally kicked butt on the last piece of garbage I posted and thanks to that I cleaned up a lot of shit and promised myself to blog every once in a while. I forgot that we go through a lot of things which we feel are absolutely crappy but there are these friends who have a lot of interest in knowing what the he’ll you are upto and don’t forget to kick your butt in time to remind you of that. It’s for this reason that I started blogging in the first place, because a few things are better wrote than told. Lately I had faced a connectivity crisis. The last time I sat and thought about what my friends might be doing right now, I hardly had any answer. I just haven’t been following up and it sucks. Just literally sucks.

I bought a smartphone to keep my social media more alive and kickin’!!! And that’s hardly what have happened.

Sorry fellas. I am back.

PS : friends please subscribe to the blog on rss feeds. It’s lot easier to keep in touch ^^

PPS : thanks again Mamme for some butt-kickin’. I owe you one :))

That’s what I am doing right now 🙂 working hard if anyone is getting any other crazy ideas :-/


5 thoughts on “Back…

  1. Template is still not good. Or probably it will take some time getting used to, after all that crap that was posted here.

    Perhaps you need one of those good old blogger templates. 😉

  2. dude.. kaisa hai

    good that you are back to your blogging ways, kabhi kabhi call kar liya karo. It helps a lot more to keep in touch than reading blogs, facebook etc.

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