Internet freedom

From what’s going on in china it’s clearly reflected that tyrannic censorship of Internet by government is neither a good option, nor a viable solution. Internet or the world wide web as it is popularly referred to was introduced by CERN as a means of communication in late eighties and from then it have revolutionized the way we live our lives. Internet is a transparent platform which encourages everyone to express their views, ideas or creations in the form of text, pictures or videos and makes it easily and mostly freely available to the audience all around the world. The content can be educational, beneficial or at times objectionable to a certain audience, which is true even for other popular means like newspapers, magazines, television etc. The kind of information any person consumes is dictated more by his demand and less by what’s available and he will get it by hook or crook. Content creators will just create whatever is consumed. The way to keep the risky and harmful content away is by making people aware and understand their responsibility. As humans we are extremely influenced by the people around us and are, by nature, very open to any kind of advise. Family, friends and peer groups and the ones we listen to and follow and they are the ones both capable and responsible of guiding us to make the right choices.


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