Home trip :)

Mom’s have the power to make you do stuff you wouldn’t dream about. One of those being actually making a dork like me dress up and pose for a photo!!

I loved the trip home.It was awesome. My Bro took a week’s leave and we spent the week getting my jaws back working(Root Canal Treatements), visited the authentically duplicate markets of chandigarh, the rock garden and the famous lake.But couldn’t get any impressive view of the birdies for which chandigarh is specifically famous for :P.

A bike ride to Chandigarh from Ludhiana through all the green fields of North India can make you shout “Aweeeesssooommmeee” and it was nothing short of that. I get that nostalgic high of childhood which was spent so close to nature as a farmer growing crops in the field with dad and his brothers.

Someday, I will go back for good and get lost in the oblivion and enjoy the freshness of land. Just hoping that the villages are still villages by the time I decide to go back.

I love my India. I love my India. Now i truly understand why the rich NRI’s keep craving to go back home. It has all it’s shortcomings but it’s home 🙂

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