Wavez of change

More than three decades ago Prof.  Salters discovered the way of converting wave-power to electricity and in 1973 the first simplified wooden device to produce energy was created. A decade before that the offshore-oil-industry was getting in full swing and the journey towards dooms-day had found the shortest short-cut to the armageddon. Humans love short-cuts and forget about all the wolves standing in the way.

Now when we are nearing the perils we realize, rather too late, that it was a mistake and the point-of no return is now.  Our planet is dying, everyone’s watching that happen, some-talk about it, a few listen anda handful of us are actually doing something about it. I am not in that list yet. Sorry, I am(was) on the other one. The oil one. I build the biggest/finest machines for the purpose of drilling oil and making the world a bit less livelier place min-by-min and sadly I am as good as they can be in doing this  job.  Suddenly, I don’t feel proud anymore.

But all is not lost.

It’s not hard to believe after knowing and understanding the Indutrial technology the way I do that the predictions of the weather guys about the increasing environemental pollution had always been an understatement in-spite of all the tampering of the results we generally do to make them look more horrendous than the reality. The reality today is even more catastrophic and calamitous. Yes, we are heading towards the dooms’day may be not in 2012, but I bet at this rate there will be no 2112.

For once, I want to lose that bet. Al-gore is going crazy out there trying to tell people and goverments and everyone to stop killing the climate.  Using less power is a great way of saving earhth but eliminating the necessity of doing that is a much better, but tough, option.

There are many-forms of renewable energy sources and none of them alone is capable of controlling/let alone reversing the damage that had been already caused. The only one I am capable of contributing is wave/Tidal/Current power. There is plenty of it.  There are efforts going in that direction. Mediocre but there.

I want to add my hand to those efforts.  I always(almost) believed in my capabilities and it’s about time I use them where they matter the most.  Saving my home.

Finally I find mental peace from the question erring me from the day i got my first job-offer. Is this what i really want to do!!

Any suggestions and references/contacts to wave/tidal/current/ocean thermal energy projects and teams working around the world are most welcome.

Thanks to all the friends, family and everyone who kept me motivated to think beyond a regular-paycheck. I will keep nudging you for the rest-of-the-life too 😀

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4 thoughts on “Wavez of change

  1. After filling pockets of producers, i see some affect of 2012 on individuals and that too IITians.

    You may contact Arpit, my batchmate. He did MS in coastal and now working in Texas in a engineering company consulting in coastal projects trying to preserve coasts (& make money).

    – EnjoY

  2. @Akshay – Thanks a lot for the contact yaar. I will get it touch with him. Though I haven’t seen the movie. The idea struck me when my dad took me to a visit to the Bhakra-Nangal Dam last week when I was at home celebrating my b’day 🙂

    @gilly – 🙂

  3. I am very glad that u r and moreover youth like us are thinking and finding some solution to save our earth. let us make people aware and help our planet to make a green and happier planet

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