My travel Diaries – Malaysia Trip

I want to travel a lot and see the world with my own eyes, hear it with my very own pair of big ears and smell it with my long-nose and try to taste it with my in-sensitive taste buds( thanks Insti Mess food) and feel it with my own hands.

I told a bunch of friends in college that i want to visit at least 5 countries in the coming 2 years. The first destination was Singapore where I am staying presently.

The next will be Malaysia next month. yippy…

@all my friends – please suggest all the places that are worth a visit. Please factor that I wanna see the real Malaysia in it’s truest form and colors and in it’s very pure grandeur. I will be personally getting in touch with a few friends from Malaysia here in Singapore to gather more information.

I feel there will be a lot more to Malaysia than KL. All the big cities look the same.I want more.


5 thoughts on “My travel Diaries – Malaysia Trip

  1. Brilliant. I too have written a lot about Malaysia, in my view the greatest country in Asia. I’ve also had the privilege to live and work there as a journalist and here is an archive of my writings on Malaysian travel, literature, film, culture, society and food:

  2. Cool, I agree that Malaysia is a very nice country. People here are very friendly. One thing I learned from traveling in Malaysia is you need to know their train schedules because I was waiting over 5 hours because I came earlier. πŸ™‚

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