Why are WE here??

I commented on one of the posts vatsap wrote today about – the world never needed anything. It inflamed the burning desire rick-rocketing in me from quite a few days now.

Everyone is looking for the answer – Where did the humans come from? What is our origin. We are building trillion dollar particle colliders to understand the “GOD” particles and another multi-trilion dollars in formulating( and then crushing) theories and insights into where we came from. We are looking at every deep-corner of the universe and waiting for signals from the outer-universe to tell us that we are not alone.

There are a counless number of movies with aliens coming to earth to smash it in thousand-million pieces just for fun!!! Aren’t we doing the same!!!

Just look around – pick up the newspaper, look at the carbon footprint, look at your own house and look at the population.

Now try finding out the data on how many harmful-microbes are required to kill a supporting organism(human being)? I am quite certain that a billion should do just fine to knock you off within a few-err-minutes.

Earth Is Dying by Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar).

Humans devouring earth!!!

I think we are the exzct same bacteria- virus-fungi-protozoa especially designed to kill our supporting organism( the goddamn – god forsaken planet). We are deisgned to destruct, devour and demolish. We have all the traits of an unanhilliatable pandemic virus. We consume resources at rapid pace, we multiply at even faster pace and we are very innovative to think of new ways to invent new methods to enervate and demolish a whole new set of resources.

On top of it we have the social structure and the professional paradigm. Right from the day we are born, knowingly and unknowingly, we are taught to feed up on the system. We are supposed to have everything that everyone else has. Everyone wants to have the highest amount of resources under his control. We race toe-to-toe and shoulder-to-shoulder with each other trying to race past each other in the competition of who can burn-up some extra resources to earn extra points.

And to top it all we are doing great. The job assigned to us is going at a real-fast pace if we compare the life-period of a human to that of the universe where among the trillil-to-the-power-trillion it will take a few light-years to reach the nearest star we are nothing more than a microbe.

A microbe that’s eating up everything and dying.

PS : If we look into the future, probably we will develop the technology enough to leave the planet earth and reach atleast the nearest planet and devour it and keep moving on. Now i really want to know who sent us organic-robots to earth.


10 thoughts on “Why are WE here??

  1. Nice post, Anuj……i agree to most of your points that we are like bacteria having some basic instinct like want to multiply ourself, want to secure maximum resources . The only difference we have made is that we have a well defined(supposedly)social structure and hierarchy. i believe that we all human are the participants of what i call ‘death race’. We are trying our best to make our life beautiful without knowing that whether it will lead to better future in long term or not. for an example: Nobody knew before discovering a vehicle that Carbon emission will be a big problem in future. Similarly we don’t know, what we are doing right now is helpful to us in the future. So we all are chasing to win a race ‘DeAtH RaCe.

  2. Mayank, when you talk about this realization of carbon emission, do you realize that it has nothing to do with saving earth but saving the human beings themselves? We are trying to control the global temperature because we fear “we” would die. Mother earth doesn’t give a shit about what is the fucking temperature of the planet. Nor do many other living organisms that can very well survive even if all the ice melts or the temperature goes up by say 10 degrees.

    Coming back to you Anujs, let us for the time being assume that all that you have written is the post is cent percent true. Where is the problem? What is there in this earth to be cared about? As long as we are smart enough to keep saving our asses, we are doing just fine, aren’t we? Where is the need to feel guilty about devouring earth? Earth in itself is a lifeless mass of ball moving around another ball and as you have yourself mentioned, this universe is full of balls!

    The lesson to be learnt here is simple: life is not as fucking important as we are made to believe – so indulge in anything that you want to – that you feel like!

  3. Amrit. you question ‘What is there in this earth to be cared about’ has a very simple answer. and its WE who needs care(I think you also have agreed upon this). this takes me to mention basic science behind human living. its the earth and its belongings upon which the life of human being is dependent. consider basic needs of a person Roti Kapda and makaan, if you analyze closely the root material of all these things, its the soil or plants which are undissociated part of earth. It will be good if we could find such a house whose base isn’t on earth or whose construction material isn’t made of soil or steel or metal.

    Earth and its belonging work as basic fuel to the human living.. Once it is over the life will be stopped at that moment. Life, without considering earth’s contribution is yet to be discovered.

  4. Dear Mayank, when you speak of life, you speak as if human life is the only life that matters. I ask you – why? Why is it important for us to keep living endlessly anyway? Life in other forms have been there even before there human beings and insha alla they would exist long after the last human gets extinct! Why regard our lives so high at all!

  5. Dear Amrit,
    We speak of humans mainly due to the inevitable truth that Charles Darwin coined – “The survival of the fittest”
    The survival of the fittest is the ageless law of nature, but the fittest are rarely the strong. The fittest are those endowed with the qualifications for adaptation, the ability to accept the inevitable and conform to the unavoidable, to harmonize with existing or changing conditions.

  6. Good post Anuj, primarily for elucidating such basic questions about our life. After going though the post and the comments, the Idea “Survival of the fittest” seems quite prudent. So question why are WE here? I guess, gets eclipsed in the basic question of How to survive?

    We are not born questioning things; rather we grow exploring and learning tools that can help us in surviving. Though learning is a never ending process, It is when we start using these tools that we introspect ourselves with questions like Why am I doing this? Or what my actions will lead to? But then if the answer is survival, then what is going on at present is pretty self explanatory. So when you talk about humans devouring other planet, I think it is just the increase in domain size.

    The primary question why are WE here? still remains hidden and all human actions that we observe are in a causal relationship with survival. Interestingly, I think those of us who satisfy the primary condition do ask such questions more often and are predisposed to follow lines which interests us and your post, reflects these human interests and doings .That is why if one sees the indigent part of our population, there the question is never why am I here? Rather there one is fully engrossed in his survival.

    Also to the views shared by Amrit, yes earth is a lifeless mass of ball, but iff we talk about life (where WE comes) and earth, then they are not independent.

  7. I remember this stand up by George Carlin where he says that all of the discussion of saving the planet is bullshit and that the planet will continue to exist without us as well. It is our own selves that we want to save. The planet’s existence doesn’t depend on ours. Our end will be another step for the planet.

  8. I am not sure, if the post really correlates with the title.
    You have titled a question and posted an assertion, I wouldnt really call it an answer or even a call for an answer.

    From my point, right now, with all due small number of thoughts in my mind, I would say, there is something in all forms Arts, which I would like to call a sense of creation..construction…to create ur own babies…
    may be, that might lead us to the answer.
    or may be not!

  9. I think we are the exzct same bacteria- virus-fungi-protozoa especially designed to kill our supporting organism( the goddamn – god forsaken planet). We are deisgned to destruct, devour and demolish.

    Indeed, you are right. But have you imagined how just for the sake of fun, we put so much strain on our surrounding. Like those Barbiques dinner or lunch where you eat till you drop (some of us will end up eating almost 3 times our normal diet), those long drives and races, the noise we make during parties, the disco lights, the amount of electricity that is consumed for it , the amount of coal that is burned for it, and then the alcohol you consume to get high and puke in the end, and you can go on. Is that the real fun, were you not happy when you didnt do all this ? Each one of us is a microbe eating away the bigger organism.

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