Guy Talk : What do you want in your girl…

Excerpts of a chat with a close friend……

uttam: wahi koi pata le

me: Muskil hain yaar.. thoda language problem bhi hain

uttam: hmm

me: they prefer chinese

we prefer english

uttam: chandni chowk to china

me: apart from that almost everyone is committed


uttam: ohh


tu Indian se hi shaadi kar

warna repent karega baad me

me: dekhte hain

baad mein repent hoga ki nahi 🙂

I won’t mind giving it a try 😀

uttam: dekhne ko nahi hoga tu phir

abhi se sambhal ke kadam utha le

me: pack

tu mujhe janta hain

i love risk

no risk no game 😀

uttam: 😐

me: Indian bandiya pain hain

uttam: sale

me: not cool

uttam: hehe

me: i want cool junta

uttam: acha hai tujeh HOT chahiye na

me: Indian mile to ok

uttam: tujhe*

me: else bahar bhi chalega

uttam: haha

me: naah

HOT is not an issue

uttam: hehe

me: good looking cool girl will do

cute and cool will do

uttam: 🙂

me: hot and chattar chattar

mummy mummy

rona dhona

uttam: hehehe

me: phokat ka pain

nahi chalega

uttam: hehe

me: she should be chill enough to not cry overa dirty shirt or spilled milk or lying on the sofa or getting up late in the morning or bunking office if i feel like

aisi milegi toh ok

uttam: )

me: faltu ki emotional tension wali nahi chahiye

uttam: hmm

me: she should have her friends and also keep her own private space and let me have mine too

and shouldn’t mind me going out with my friends

both guys and girls

uttam: 😛

me: if i come late

then she should believe the reason that i tell her

and i will believe her too in case she happens to be on the other end

i don’t want a detective following my ass

uttam: abe kisi aisi ladki se shaadi karna jiski judwa behen ho…dusri se main shaadi kar loonga

kyunki mujhe bhi aisi ladki chahiye

me: hehe

uttam: 🙂

me: achha hain

main yeh chat apne blog pe daal raha hoon

uttam: :O



me: kyon be

uttam: mere naam pe kichad mat uchal

sab piche pad jaayenge mere

me: hehe

i don’t care

i am in it with u

uttam: but I care

me: i don’t

and the chat is in my window so it’s under my copyrights

uttam: u at least care for me

me: u r doomed

kill me

bite me


I am just curious to know how many other guys are in it with me 😀

@all the girls who didn’t like the idea – I am sorry, but no offence we can be great friends but you are not my type and moreover I am not your type 🙂

@all the other girls – I want your phone number/Email ID/ Snail Mail anything as long as u will reply 😀


6 thoughts on “Guy Talk : What do you want in your girl…

  1. LOL. landed here through some random blog hopping, thought would re-iterate what you might already be aware of.

    You are in what I would call the” immature early tweens – late teens” mindset. Immature in the sense that you do not understand marriage. For now all you can think of is the soiled clothes, lying on the couch, getting up late and bunking office (same as bunking lectures) …. pretty much what you had in hostel. marriage is a LOT more than this.

    But a home is diff from a bachelor’s hostel. trust me, once u get in the marriage mindset [many get into it after tying the knot in case they marry early] you will hate it if your wife doesn’t care about how filthy the house or your clothes or YOU are getting, worst still, if she also believes in the same doctrine as yours, you’d wonder how lazy can she be to spill sauce on her Tee and wear it the whole day without feeling ne remorse.

    the entire debate about private space and common space b/w two life partners is something which should remain b/w em. for every couple it is diff, and really, if you aren’t ready to share your private space, then are you really sharing your life, why did you get married eh? there needs to be a balance b/w sharing and not sharing.

    >>she should have her friends and also keep her own private space <>and shouldn’t mind me going out with my friends, both guys and girls<<
    I hope you are willing to extend the same to your better half as well.

    See the biggest flaw lies in the fact that the Indian Women are largely housewives or working women with family as their first priority. Most of the girls are conditioned since birth that the responsibility to hold the home together is theirs.

    If the guy is willing to take a share in the responsibility and not confine the women to dwell ONLY about her home, or daily chores or similar mundane , the women would be a lot more fun. So that means, you should welcome the idea of quitting your job and moving to the place ur wife has been transferred to given that her new job is a stride in her career, you give up your job for a few months in order to look after your new born baby because your wife's job requires her to get back to work asap.

    If you are subjugated to nothing but doing the same damn work, restrained within the same four walls, wouldnt you be frustrated too? only way to vent that out would be fights with the in-laws , husband.

    Indian women trust freedom very cautiously, its like letting a bird free after it was caged since birth, but they are birds meant to fly and so are women who admire freedom just like any other individual.
    They might even resent it, may not understand why is she expected to go out on her own when she'd rather go out with the bf or hubby. only time and the taste of freedom can get her to "chill and become cool" 🙂

    how many of the girls you know are still in touch with her childhood girl friends? how many girls have organised an old-friends get togther and leave their family behind to meet em? how many married women have you seen playing pitthu, basketball [equivalent to cricket] in the gully or streets with kids.

    I bet you'd laugh at one if you see one ever, i am not so sure about uncles being laughed at when they play gully cricket!

    as of the cool committed crowd, i wonder how many of them are truly committed. most change bfs-gfs like clothes. so its not because they are cool that they are relaxed and have no hankerings, mostly its coz they are least bothered, deep down knowing that this isnt the guy they wud marry so why worry?

    and btw, you are simply looking for someone to overlook ur laziness and unhygienic ways [ugh!]…sheeesh go change that T-shirt now and please get a bath asap too. heehee 😉


  2. wow!! sentiments flowing out in heaps 🙂 hardly see a reply to a post this big…
    and ya by the looks of it you need a gf not a wife… listen to mis(s)chief and you’ll know why 🙂

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