A dream worth chasing

After clearing IIT-JEE and then getting into IIT Madras I have been running almost aimless without any constraints doing anything and everything that this wandering mind aspired and allowed me to do. I did some of those things well screwed up a lot others, and here i am finally decided about my coming years. I am very happy and proud of myself that atleast i kept learning things when i was aimless.Well no more. I am decided, and ready the hit the bulls eye, and the bulls eye is:

The Indian shipping & Offshore industry is growing at a brisk pace after certain changes in the government policies and also due to surge in the amount of International trade exchange that is taking place. Β Also India is also bestowed with the cheap labour Industry and a very large coastline, thus the opportunities in the Manufacturing Industry are very broad and are only limited by one’s imagination.I am very lucky to be a naval architect at this point of time and will leave no stones unturned to capitalize on this opportunity.How?

Envision and identify the coming trends in offshore engineering and ship design. Eg. Deep sea exploration. Read journals and build network with alumni and other known personalities in the field and use their knowledge and vision to look for possible problems and explore the possible solutions.

Well it’s not a one man job. I understand up to a certain extent the uncertainties and the expanse of the work. I will need help and that too a good one. I will need pure and beautiful minds to rub their shoulder with me. My ego might be a hampering factor. I am truly working on that part already. The completion of the task should be the only goal. This task will require extreme moral, intellectual and physical discipline. i am weak on all the three presently and there is ample inspiration inside of me to overcome these small flaws. I am Anuj Choudhary. The one who is born to be different.

No product can create a revolution unless it’s market friendly. To say better, worth commercializing and socially acceptable. The technology and the passion to do something new have to be complemented by the above mentioned factors. Remember it’s onlyΒ  the winners who create history. I have to look only so far that others can see it is feasible though with marvelously herculean efforts. True success lies in the two fronged approach of

Explore the possibility of using the web as a platform to build and publish naval solutions for the potential clients.This have to be done alone for quite some time until i find some worthy partners. Sell the ideas and thwart the competition. Anyone who tries to come in competition should feel cold feet and think a thousand times before proceeding. Do not leave any room for competition. We are highly productive individuals(HPI). Prove it, first to yourself. Don’t talk about it. Just use the whole motivation for yourself for the time being.

All the decisions from now only should be weighed on the fact that they should be helpful to this cause in a good way. There is no time for small steps. We have to leap ahead with long and fast steps, with every step engineered with micro precision.

Develop a set of in-house software packages for analysis of practical problems like deep sea mooring system analysis; design of colonies for deep sea habitation; Freedom ship level designs; The edge of engineering.Β  Set high standards by validating them with all the acclaimed results published earlier.Seek the help of professors in doing so.

Well it’s a combination of certain things i want to do and a platform where i aspire to see myself in the coming future. Yes i am finally thinking long term after a huge gap.

Remember: A small deed done is way greater than a big one planned; Every small bit of effort accumulate to create an exceptional products.

Two above two quotes will be the mantra for success. Every man is destined to do something small or big. I am to do this any make a world a bit more worth living in.


7 thoughts on “A dream worth chasing

  1. Don’t let the spirit die out. It takes more than sheer will power to do so, but you are the man!

    Secondly, develop a good research aptitude. It will help you tremendously in your aims. Go for a PhD and not MS.

    God, am I talking like a professor??!

  2. i got inspiration from this. key thing in life is to be always motivated. all of us are capable, but most of us are not motivated to any cause. you are! so keep working hard and do great things in life and motivate us as well πŸ™‚

  3. @Aniket – u r showing the potentials u try hard to get away from. There is a hidden prof in u πŸ˜€ But i accept your advice and will leave for PhD at most in two years πŸ™‚

    @Anty – I will try to keep the tempo going and even more happier to lead the motivation gang πŸ™‚ Everyone is a motivation to someone and if i motivate you then it means a lot to me.

    @Moli – I believe in our friendship and also that we are always a bit more capable than we assume ourself to be.

    @Dilli – I will call it my lucky day when i actually see myself the result of your believing in me πŸ˜€ follow what i said to moli u r better than u believe yourself to be.

    @Tarun – Deep Inside we all know, but we keep letting ourself get attracted to all the hype and paparazzi and in the process we actually end up trying to forget what we truly want to be.

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