!@#@#$@#$%@#$%#$@%@#%#@$@#(It’s a code)

A good coffee is totally worth a dollar especially when it comes with a good designer froth and that too at a time when one will prefer fighting a gorilla than wrestling with his eyelids which keep flashing the blackout signal every other second.

|| Feel like dropping a stone on my head to wake me up from my blabberwocky sleep talking? Please do. I am bored. I am tired. I am NOT freaked out yet (phew!). I feel like a robot. I am performing like the first alpha preview of any to be the ‘next big thing in the world'( though present vista is also a fine example ). Oh yes there is a term for that too IIGO ( Input In Garbage Out). I don’t know what I want to do but mostly I am sure that I don’t want to do what I am doing or what I think I should do. ||

Snapped! Read “between the Lines”



The space abover is to give you time If you are out of the previous loop then move on or hit the big cross on the silly corner of your browser ( if u know what a browser actually is, if not please press Alt + F4 and u will know). 

Didn’t see any connection with the title yet! Read on….

On top of it I am damn sure of the fact that I am not the only one who is thinking/feeling/talking/writing this way at this very moment. I am sure of this to the point that I can happily bet my salary if someone is gutsy ( read stupid) enough to challenge me!!

If you are worried that what could have possibly driven me into this condition then please pick up the most rotten, PITA ( Pain in the A**) literature of ur interest a few times over and do nothing else except for filling different holes in all the different ways ( that too on a daily basis – exception this guy)  and after all that effort you are still at the same place where u started a million ages ago.

If you want to know how pissed off I am feeling then perform this little experiment.

Try pulling out one single hair from every hairy region of your body and then say to yourself it’s OK. Not pissing enough!! Then try finding the exact location where you actually pulled that hair from when the pain is still on!! Now multiply( I know all my readers are from that population of world) the feeling with any third order number of your chioce and try feeling it.

I am definately more pissed of than that or probably more pissed off than you are after wasting those not-so-useful minutes of your self proclaimed and universally ignored highly highly important and eventful life.

PS : In case u still didn’t break the code – please contact me. You need some urgent attention to the “supposedly” highly important part of ur body 🙂


4 thoughts on “!@#@#$@#$%@#$%#$@%@#%#@$@#(It’s a code)

  1. saale its just a cold feet… you are away from everyone and even the home land( I mean NO similar people)… bas din khatam hone ke baad beer pi aur chicken kha and watch movie… waise isse better idea hai ki visit places and meet new people and go to a civilized bar and meet new girls( coz u ll find ur type of girls there only)… enjoy kar saale!!!

  2. Dost you are not feeling 1/(two hundred million^ two hundred million) of the annoyance, agony and frust that i am. My DREAMS include nails scratching against boards and babies screaming

  3. @Hula: It’s real bad to see such agony and being helpless about it. More on this on chat sometime.

    @Sreeni: Nail scratching against boards and babies screaming? Meet Bhondu, he is in Calcutta.

  4. @friends – This was just some fun i was trying to have in office 🙂 Though of writing something but no good topics were coming in so started writing about the general feeling of an imaginary person who is feeling probably those mixed reactions 🙂

    But ya there were times when i felt that way, so it was easy to come up with all the shit 😀

    because Shit Happens 🙂

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