This is kind of a word of mouth promotion of a video sharing site I am addicted to nowadays( I have never been addicted to YouTube!!)

The content here is more selective and totally creative unlike youtube which have everything and most of it is against the copyrights etc. Well YouTube have it’s own benefits but I love VIMEO for

  • It’s clean and smooth interface.
  • The collections of videos( only personal videos)
  • The Quality of videos even in HD off mode.. It’s way too better than any other video sharing site.
  • The creative user community.
  • Very less Adds. That also very focused on selling creative designs etc.!!
  • Did i mention the awesome simplistic design!!

Sadly I couldn’t find even 1 friends from my 800 Gmail contacts on this site!! Well I hope this post bring a few invites to me 😉

Vimeo Contacts ;-)

Here’s a Sample Video from Vimeo..


2 thoughts on “Vimeo…

  1. Anuj,

    Thanks for the tip on Vimeo. I have been following Vimeo for a few months and I agree that it is one of the best video sites out there, and better than YouTube!! Your choice of video by Edgar Maguyon is superb. What a great video, and the soundtrack is far out..


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