Saarang 2009 – The exuberant Choreo Night

Reiterating but true. This is my last saarang with half of the wingmated away to kerela for trip-ing over at the backwaters.Let them be there, I am here right on the Saarang front and living my dream of hyper-blogging as the phenomenon defined krish.
Well then let’s hit the no-nonsense button and talk about what u wanna read(rather interpret ๐Ÿ˜› ). The Choreo Night- It was Awesome, Cool, Superb and Excellent . If u think differently then just try going on to that stage and perform in front of 6000 bu-hooing crowd and the point will sink in till ur guts and they ‘ll stink like rotten marshmallows :P( don’t take it serious dude/babe ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Seriously, I just loved the show and stayed back even when my friends literally tried to pull me out of the place after the 25th performance.

After every dashing move just the one and the only thought that tormented my mind like the beast of the dungeons is “How can they be so good?” I am not a rich guy, but all I can pay them now for the performance is RESPECT that too loads and loads of it. I ‘ll pakka put a pic here as soon as I am able to lay my hands upon one of them.

The performances that totally made my day were :

  • The Mirror dance
  • NIT trichy
  • Loyola College
  • IIT Madras – Good Coordination
  • SRM University

Too good. Again I am bad at remembering details and don’t have the liberty of a MegaPiexelated and Note taking supported phone, but i ‘ll tryย  to do as best as i can with my NOKIA 1600.

Three Cheers to the unmeasurable amount of effort put by the Saarang team and especially the design & Ambience team. They just redefined the way design is done in IIT Madras. Hats off..

PS: the Elocution totally cupped today. It was terrible ๐Ÿ˜›


4 thoughts on “Saarang 2009 – The exuberant Choreo Night

  1. Hey My disappointment about Saarang Day1

    Saarang 2009_Day1 : Organisers’ day :

    The arrangements and the events were wonderful. But the food facilities available to viewers were pathetic and the conditions at the backside of ticket are as follows:
    1.Outside food or drinks not allowed
    2.Re-entry not allowed

    These two conditions forced the viewers to take food in the stall (which is our sacred religious “Pizza”) and there is no other stall available. Audience were shocked to know that they do not have pizzas at stall and are not allowed outside to take dinner. If they go out at 8.30PM, they will miss the show going till 11PM.

    I doubt this as nothing but a business motive (may be the tie-up between Pizza & IIT). They should either provide other dinner varieties at the stadium or should allow audience to re-enter the OAT after taking dinner.

    The student vols draped in Orange were misguiding the audience and making them move here and there (regarding the information about re-entry and food).

    Will this situation change at least for the remaining 3 days???

  2. @Thiru – The food thing cannot be handled, because it’s impossible to handle a crowd of 8000 going in and out again and again, sadly that situation won’t improve much, but better if u grub & come to the stalls.
    About the orange draped student volunteers – they will definitely do a better job. I ‘ll pass on your message the the coordinating team.
    Cheers to a memorable saarang.

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