Saarang 2009 – the DJ dudes – Nokia stall

The saarang crowd this time is too cool and undoubtedly more funkier. I remember a friend saying that Saarang is all full of Horny-kinky people and the real talent is not turning up to saarang stages. True and Fanamelse!!
More Horny-kinky people with a lot more talented crowd as well. The level of competition in all the events have literally shotup and pierced through the clouds. Dramatics, Choreo, LM, WM you name it, the participating junta is
but these are the people who make all the noise and are the Saarang’s Centre of Attraction. Saarang is a picnic spot for this junta and if anyone says that they should not be here, then i will simply ask you to stop ogling at their Girl friends πŸ˜›

There guys just know to have raw fun. RAW. They dance and do pushups, they sing play really naughty games which hardly the niche IITian will not dare and care to play even in their dreams of dreams. We are not boring but certainly not outgoing, these guys are. They do stupid things, and enjoy it like anything,again jsut anything. Just love these guys.

A guy proposed a girl and the condition was to have nokia in the proposal. “I love u because your name is nandini and nokia starts with N too. I fell in love with you when i saw nokia in your hand. My heart is beating for you the way Nokia phone sings for you.”

Another stud chap – “Maine tumhe pehlie baar propose kiya aur tumne No kiya.Β  Maine tumhe doosri baar propose kiya aur tumne No kiya. Maine tumhe teesri baar propose kiya aur tumne No kiya. Agar tune ek baar phir se no kiya, phir main tumhe nahi dilaoonga Nokia.”

All you duded looking for girls to go to Salsa and all those Dance workshops or to the extent of a Date!! Go show some guts on these stalls and get noticed πŸ™‚ Ur red shirt won’t do any good standing in the audience and boohooing πŸ™‚

Ok.. I am off behind the sexy girl with the black top.. πŸ˜‰

Nokia stall rocks….


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