Saarang 2009 – The Dance Workshop day 1 – Lambada

I can write four hours for a two hours workshop, but not today. The Lambada workshop started as usual at IST ( IIT Standard Time – half our off the clock 😛 ).  The instructor came in all pumped up with energy, made us shout scream and when we fianlly ended up bu-huing she understood that we are finally all awake.
Some Lambada background – “It’s a brazilian street dance form used by guys to impress the fairer sex. It’s all about flirting. Guys got to have the style and girls gotta have the “hippy” moves. If you want more then please pay some honour to the guy who wasted their time on wikipedia jotting down that article there.”

Enough fart : Let’s see what happened. The workshop started with the basic keys of holding your partner, starting of with the basic leg movement of Lambada which slowly(supposedly) transformed to a hip movement (again supposedly) which should be like an 8 or more like a flat infinity. That was tough 😉

We moved on with the pulls and pushes, the rounds the sits and the two deep back dips. It was lot of fun. The instructors were good and knew how to control the show. Personal attention as much as possible with 30 couples around,and quite a  lot of them shy enough to put an arm across their partner leaving alone getting the movements right. Well we(means I) were not doing as well but better then a lot of others(Yeah!!).  Neelangana is an expert salsa dancer so she had it all figured out that helped me too. We learned a full sequence of steps and ended up winning the most enthusiastic pair on the floor. 500 bucks Raymond gift voucher( wonder if i can buy a hanky with it !! ).
Anyway there were other two prizes as well – The most technically correct pair and The guys who got the chemistry right. All three of us got a chance to perform one last time. We had full floor and the beats got moving and the fun flowed in again.

There was a moment when all guys were on one side and all the girls on the other. We were supposed to go towards them and try to please them to dance with us with style and etc etc.. It was arbit, as in very few pairs had any chemistry out there and it was very funny to see those few doing the real flirting there, with one the guys going down on the knees to ask out the lady to dance with her.

My pennyworth advise : Do give the dance workshops a shot tomorrow. It can really generate the enthusiasm to learn something different from the usual( boring) in life. Get new hobbies guys, it’s totally worth having it. If you are one of those guys who can’t do the workouts  then dancing can do the same for you.

Keep Bouncing 😉


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