Saarang 2009 – Dramatics workshop

The Dramatics workshop at the Central Lecture Theatre. Reached here late after the Dance Workshops. The Well executed IIT M play was halfway througg but still had a lot of juice to squeeze. It was based on the story “The homecoming”. Wiki can do wonders to help you here. Please go and bother to read the story online. It was all kinky and the dialogues were really well designed and delivered. ‘Mistake’ and ‘Rubberband’ and everyone else put up a real good show.

Next came in NIT Trichy with the stupendous performance. The story of a detective Martin whose wife was in love with his best friend Collin, who is also a detective. Both of them plannnigto kill each other. The play moved on and the show was fantastic, acting stupendous, and the plot absorbing. If you have missed on the play then better grab the DVD from the saarang counters. It’s worth the bucks. Totally!!


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