A rendevous with Krish Ashok

The workshop started 20 mins worth of waiting with krish starting with the usual bloggers pun on how to start a blog.

It jsut itched me to see two blogrolls on my three column grid focus theme.. and switched it to a nice dark theme, the one u see right now. Yeah it’s good πŸ™‚ Getting back to the real thing, haan blogging what’s it all about. Well with over 70 posts in my pocket and more than 20000 people acidently landed on my blog wasting the suposeldly worthless moments of their life.

The fundaes :

  • Learn to create a blog.
  • Don’t mind starting a new one if the last one fails.
  • Write a post : basicaly pack any amount of non-sense in 800-900 words and a few images & leave it for junta to figure out what it meant πŸ˜‰
  • Publicize ur blog, go post comments on others blogs / status/ other famous places.
  • Ranom comments work !!!!
  • Ur visitors will influence you for sure and u r bound to rebound.
  • It’s ur blog, ur personal diary, do as u feel like. It’s UR blog dude!!
  • U ‘ll become addicted to stats
  • taught him to be intellectually honest !! It sure did, totally agree with that πŸ™‚
  • Don’t take this thing too seriously
  • Be passionately non-serious with ur blog
  • Famous blog attitudes – musical, mathematical, web2.0, software…etc…

And the last question? Where do u find the time 2 blog?

Acording to Clay Shirky Effort to create Wikpedia 100 million hours.

Time spent by TV just in the US alone 200 billion hours or 100 million hours just watching ads on a weekend..

So u get it where robert scoble gets time to make those videos πŸ˜‰

And the last thing -all u need to do to find time is to look for it!


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