Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering – Placed 100%

With the last man getting placed yesterday on the 19th of January, 2009  no one in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering department is jobless anymore.I am a bit dizzy while writing this post, but can’t wait any more. Placing everyone in the department was a responsibility i took up when the markets were doing well, which became a challenge when the slump started, and ultimately a passion which at times reached madness when the calamity struck and a lot of companies backed out from campus recruitment.

Of all people I love my classmates who in spite of everything that was happening never ever questioned my efforts once. My friends confidence in me was the ultimate driving force that kept me going every time the thought of giving it all up crossed my mind. I just couldn’t have no matter what may come. It’s a matter of career. Years and years of hard work, sacrifice, dreams were on stake. I admit that there were times when I saw no point in trying anymore, but  everytime I met one of my guys I had to send that mail once more, try calling that idiot HR once more, just in case things materialized. They did eventually.

It have been one awesome experience trying to place everyone when the market have totally went for a free fall. Oil prices took a free fall. I will always remember the year 2008. The year of Recession. The year of the Naval Architecture bubble. The year when the bubble surfaced, swelled, kept on swelling and finally burst. Screw everything I placed everyone, every one who even showed remote interest to get placed. I am a happy man.  I was waiting for this moment from like centuries. Whenever someone asked – ” How many left in Navarch” It hurt, it hurt real bad. I had worked very hard and so did every Placement Coordinator.  I was just a bit lucky too.

What an year it was. Right from the day when Harmo sent the first set of mails from my account when we were doing Intern in Mumbai, till the day I sent the last two mails to Mazagon docks and Vedam, it was a journey of ups and downs. Off all things it tested my patience the most and taught me at least perseverance if nothing more. I dealt with the best of Managers and worst of HR’s. I gained immense exposure and probably have better view & measured the  depths of the Industry a bit better than my counterparts.  It was a long wait to see the day of results.

It was a journey from 5 companies to over 20 and back to the dump of 5 again. Everyday we used to enter the Placement office praying for no more dumps. There was rarely a day when this wish came true. We were more worried about whether the company will come than how many will it take. There were no rules in the placement office this year. Whenever we got a positive reply from the company our only priority was to get it here, place some students and look for the next company. Package was least of our concerns. Getting a job in one of the worst recessions of recent times was more important than a small variation in package.

Yes this was the placement season 2008-2009. I am scared of recession no more, and that too without being on the JOB. Looking forward to one on the JOB, next time i “ll be more prepared than anyone else 😉


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