A MATLAB Christmas card

====Couldn’t resist posting it 😉
The guys at Blinkdagger put together a great MATLAB Christmas card for you all and sent it in to me as part of the Walking Randomly Christmas challenge.  I would have posted it earlier but I have been away from the Internet over Christmas (sorry Rob). Thanks guys!

MATLAB Christmas card

A brief explanation of the maths involved (from Rob of Blinkdagger)
– the snowdrifts are sine waves of different amplitudes and offsets
– the tree is a 3D spiral of green asterisks
– the ornaments are a random selection of the same points as the tree,
with different colors and marker types
– the presents under the tree are the trademark “membrane” surface that is the MATLAB logo.
– the star atop the tree, as well as the star in the sky are just single points graphed, but using the default marker types creatively
– the text is, well it’s just text

% Xmas card from blinkdagger.com for the challenge

%% setup the fig
h1 = figure(’Position’,[50 50 800 600],’Color’,’w’);

%% Put background snowdrifts and star
axes(’Position’,[0 0.5 1 .05]);
ezplot(’sin(.1*x+1.8)’); axis off; title(”);

axes(’Position’,[0 0.4 1 .1]);
ezplot(’sin(.3*x)’); axis off; title(”);

axes(’Position’,[0 0.25 1 .1]);
ezplot(’sin(.4*x-1.5)’); axis off; title(”);

axes(’Position’,[0 0.1 1 .15]);
ezplot(’cos(.4*x-2)’); axis off; title(”);

axes(’Position’,[0.75 0.75 0.2 0.2]);
plot(1,1,’x’,’markersize’,48,’markeredgecolor’,[.5 .5 .5]);
axis off; title(”); hold on;
plot(1,1,’h’,’markersize’,36,’markeredgecolor’,[.5 .5 .5]);
plot(1,1,’+’,’markersize’,80,’markeredgecolor’,[.5 .5 .5]);
hold off;

%% Put tree on and decorate it

axes(’Position’,[0.55 0.2 0.4 0.6]);
z = 0:.05:100;
x = cos(z); x = (101-z).*x;
y = sin(z); y = (101-z).*y;
plot3(x,y,z,’g*’,’markersize’,18); axis off; view(0,10);
hold all;
% star on top
plot3(0,0,107,’p’,’markersize’,24,’markerfacecolor’,[1 .8431 0],…
% plot ornaments
k = rand(size(x));
k1 = k>.97;
k2 = k>.94 & k<.97;
k3 = k>.91 & k<.94;
k4 = k>.88 & k<.91;
k5 = k>.85 & k<.88;
k6 = k>.82 & k<.85;
plot3(x(k1),y(k1),z(k1),’ro’,’markersize’,8,’linewidth’,2); axis off; view(0,10);
plot3(x(k2),y(k2),z(k2),’ys’,’markersize’,8,’linewidth’,2); axis off; view(0,10);
plot3(x(k3),y(k3),z(k3),’md’,’markersize’,8,’linewidth’,2); axis off; view(0,10);
plot3(x(k4),y(k4),z(k4),’b^’,’markersize’,8,’linewidth’,2); axis off; view(0,10);
plot3(x(k5),y(k5),z(k5),’kh’,’markersize’,8,’linewidth’,2); axis off; view(0,10);
plot3(x(k6),y(k6),z(k6),’c*’,’markersize’,8,’linewidth’,2); axis off; view(0,10);

hold off;

%% Put presents under the tree
axes(’Position’,[0.5 0.12 0.1 0.15]);
colormap(hot*.7); surf(membrane,membrane); shading flat; axis off; view(300,20);
axes(’Position’,[0.57 0.1 0.1 0.15]);
surf(membrane); shading flat; axis off; view(300,20);
axes(’Position’,[0.63 0.08 0.1 0.15]);
surf(membrane); shading flat; axis off; view(300,20);
axes(’Position’,[0.7 0.08 0.1 0.15]);
surf(membrane); shading flat; axis off; view(300,20);
axes(’Position’,[0.77 0.1 0.1 0.15]);
surf(membrane); shading flat; axis off; view(300,20);
axes(’Position’,[0.83 0.13 0.1 0.15]);
surf(membrane); shading flat; axis off; view(300,20);

%% Overlay snowflakes

%% Text greeting

axes(’Position’,[.05 .6 .5 .5]); axis off;
text(.08,.55,’Seasons Greetings!’,’fontsize’,30,’color’,’r’,…
text(.07,.31,’Best wishes and have a great 2009′,’fontsize’,20,…
‘color’,[0 .4 0],’fontname’,’Garamond’);
text(.07,.18,’solving problems with MATLAB!’,’fontsize’,20,…
‘color’,[0 .4 0],’fontname’,’Garamond’);
text(.07,.05,’From everyone at blinkdagger.com!’,’fontsize’,20,…
‘color’,[0 .4 0],’fontname’,’Garamond’);


5 thoughts on “A MATLAB Christmas card

  1. looks gr8…
    and this “you know who” person?? as hula said, its very probable that not everyone can admire the beauty of that crude looking MATLAB christmas tree

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