A new “sem” has come

This will be my final milestone in the splendid journey of time spent at IIT Madras Campus. I have planned a lot of things for the coming semester and studies are a very tiny part of it( well that’s true for all other semesters too :D). I want to do things which i always wanted to, but never assimilated enough courage to. I wanna get back everything that is lost in the due course of time after I started preparing for JEE. There is whole life left to work, but only last few months to explore the endless possibilities of college life, it will be tough to find such a place again. I don’t wanna miss this opportunity at any cost. I wanna explore my passion in life.  There is so much more to this life Hula.  Buckle up.
Carpe Diem!!!


7 thoughts on “A new “sem” has come

  1. The Social networking websites or blogs are increasingly changing and developing the Presence of the young people into the society, 1 great exemplo, people like you working for a better community!

    I hope for a better future:-

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