Kovalam Beach – Chennai’s best kept secret

From Kovalam Sea

Kovalam is a small village on the East Coast Road, Chennai –  just 25kms from the main city. The place totally rocks. I thought of writing pages and pages about the trip, and it’s not that the memories have faded from my memory. It’s just that i wanna visit that place once again and take a hell lotta more pics and then write a consolidated draft of the awesome and one of  the most enthralling experience I ever had. 

We took a boat went about 4-5 kilometres into the ocean, I don’t know the depth at that place, but surely enough to perish. After reaching there, the fisherman threw ropes in water gave us Life jackets and asked us to jump in water!!! Most of us didn’t even knew how to swim and we were ready to jump in the ocean. That was Awesommmmmmmmeeeee….

Thrilling yet chilling experience. 

If anyone is Interested in going to this place here are the details :

Mr. P. Desing,
Cell: +91-98413 63922
Landline : +91-44- 27472246 

Cheers.. Wish you a safe trip.


24 thoughts on “Kovalam Beach – Chennai’s best kept secret

  1. actually i saw the pics on dedhs porkut profile…..and thought that how come no one ever told anything about such a thrilling adventure…

    then i googled “google maps chennai kovalam beach” and fortunately urs is the second item…..
    eeasily this is the chennai s best kept secret!!!

    anyhow thanx for the info hulla

  2. Hey Sneha.. the beach is perfectly safe for womenfolk and there is plus security due to a TAJ resort around the corner and as such a lot of girlfolk from my college have taken the dip and came back satisfied :)) enjoy the place…

  3. Hi geethika,

    We started from Insti at 9:00AM. There isn’t much else to see around there, except for a taj resort 😛

    The roadside food was nice and there are lot of fishermen boats to take pictures in. If lucky you they will let you take pictures with a 3 feet long fish.

  4. Hi Guys,

    It’s been a while since i wrote this post. Google have been sending a lot of people to my blog looking for kovalam 🙂 If you have good pictures to share and more contact info. It will be awesome. I can upload them here so that visitors benefits more from it.

  5. I heard that people have died in this place because of sudden land mass reduction in this beach.What do u say about that??

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