Double B’day Bonanza!!!!

Note: A rather long  and outdated piece but I request you to go through completely. 🙂 

That simply means my ass was shattered to pieces twice within thy holy 24hours, but again I had b’day cake and celebration twice that Nullifies things to quite an extent. Everyone remembers the day they were born, but there is a breed of species called hostels rahter dread the day we crash Landed on the face of the mother earth and we only wish for one thing, why didn’t I arrive during the vacations :(. Enough Crying like ponnies now.Let’s hit the rewind button.

I will always remember this birthday more than any other b’day among the extremely lovely and endearing collection of 21 of memorable days of my life. Well actually i remember more or less 16 of them, but one can preety safely assume that the other 5 days when you were too young to remember or rather realize that the day is special, your parents would have made sure that they were utterly memorable days too. I am lucky to have seen some of them too in the photos with my dear mamu and in the narration of my chachu.

I am writing on this wall from last two years but didn’t bother to publish the account of last two Birthday bonanza’s here. To tell the truth, I found it awkward to write about your own birthday celebration.Well no more friends and dear ones, sorry for acting such an ASS. This year of all the years I was actually waiting for my b’day till it arrived.But, the excitement remained only till it arrived. For no good/bad/bitter reason I was very hyper on my b’day. For a larger part of the day I was generally pained with things. I know it is supposed to be the day when everyone is a true Indian and enjoys the true freedom of everything and no one really cares, because it’s your birthday. I was not able to handle so much of attention and over affection. I know my friends love me and that preety much makes up for everything that I desire from life.

I was never able to understand why do people ballyhoo this day so much. Everthing is overdramatized. Why didn’t that friend come to the bumps session. why didn’t he call me up. I won’t talk to that particular friends jsut because he forgot my birthday. It’s too much yaar and too much to expect. Have faith in your friends yaar. They love you, they care for you and they don’t have to keep proving it to you on every god forsaken occasion. If he forgot your birthday it can simply mean he/she was simply stuck up in something more important than wishing you happy birthday, and one have to be extremely Naive to think that his/her b’day is the most important and extremely top priority in the to-do list of every friends of yours. To clear any suspicions that might be popping up in your minds, Richa was the first one to wish me and almost everyone who could have wished me did so. I wrote the above piece rather out of observation and not out of frustration or extreme expectatations. Sorry if in case by any miniscule change if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t remember anyone not wishing me on my b’day, so in case you forgot to do so just relax. I don’t remember 🙂

The simple message that I was wishing to pass on here was that days and occasions come and go, but friends remain.Never be upset or angry with a friend for such small and negligible reasons. One of the many of my less than a Pennyworth philosophical thought that keeps resurfacing persistently is the way I define/preach/exercise friendship. Great Friendship’s are not the ones where one person is doing more that what other did for him and vice versa, no it can only go so far. It’s more about the one trying ginormously to go beyond his limits to do everything possible to make sure that smile on his friend’s face never fades, and moreover never bothers to remember himself nor reminds his friends about what he did for him. All he did was to make sure that things keep getting better and that smile never sees a grim. Only thing different among good friends and best friends is that the other one responds with the same promise. No one is expecting anything rather working hard for the other’s smile. It’s all about giving from both sides and it’s mutually exclusive.

I brought up the talk of friendship in this post and not a separate one, because I am the lucky one to have Best Friends in Double Digits. Oh yes, I do. Be Jealous 🙂 For me everyday is Birthday until there is atleast one of you around. This life could have not been any better and muvh more happier. I never even dreamed in my dreams of such a great life which I fortunately had here. I will always remember the Bumps and the Black Forrests 🙂 which one more is a tough one to answer.  

This Birthday was special in one more way. For the first time I had a surprise party. That was too too much from all you great guys. I can happily say that “these” are the best days of my life.Love you all loveable ‘soulmates’.

Carpe Diem!!!


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