And the Interview that I Cupped – Saipem

Wish i was writing on my lappy, Mamme’s machine doesn’t look creative enough 😛 Still i will manage will just my talent alone :). Anyone let’s get to the point. The Interview that I Cupped – Big time. Evereytime I run through that Interview in my mind I realize something Interesting or something that I missed to communicated but mostly I recall what I should have done better. Let’s rewind and start from “The time”.

It was 6 in the morning. I woke up and after doing some freshup i saw Bachha coming towards the roof in front of my room. We saw each other and without saying said that this is the “day”. The day we have been preparing for over 6 years. The day when we get a job. The weather was pleasant and a silky mild breeze was blowing on our faces. It calmed us down a lot. We said a few words to each other and when bachha said that I have to do it today he “meant” that. Though I had prepared a lot being aware of the fact that my grade card was not on top of the stack, in fact it was nowhere in the top 9 also if the duals are also included. The generally prevalent feeling of knowing nothing was there somewhere inside but was subdued by the confidence instilled in me by seniors and batchmates and of course a lot of juniors, they thought I deserved everything that came in my way.Sadly, that was not the case, but if it instills some confidence in them, then who am I to say nay.

Back to the point, the Interview. It sucked. I gave a written exam in the morning consisting of verbal, core technical, logical and mathematical reasoning. It was the first of it’s kind that I ever faced, but again it was preety simple. Things looked easy and I was comfortable through the test. Phew!!! First stage cleared.

After this I gave charge to Prithvi – My Placement Representative to take care of the Saipem people & moved to cater to the requirements of ONGC people and handled some of their rantings and their garish bickering. Through this I appeared for the awesome ONGC Interview about which a lot have been told. It was already 2PM by the time I was able to run away for the Saipem Interview. By this time I had nice headache. Now that’s very rare for me, getting a headache, but again Murphy sucks.

I took a coffee in face two coffee and tried to calm myself down. No Success 😦 I was completely out of control by now, and to delay any further worsening of condition I decided to go for the Interview straight away. I went inside and had the prvilige of not introducing myself and there lost the first chance to impress them with the element of surprise. I am yet to figure out whether this was a good thing or bad. I proceeded with the Interview and without any further delay they took my resume and started shooting questions ranging from the using ANSYS, Propeller design etc. none of which I was able to answer properly let alone perfectly. I was panicked and totally freaked out. I was blabbering and stammering. I was not in conntrol of what I was saying, or doing on the paper. I just wanted to finish off with the answer to the questions that were fired in my direction.

I screwed up a Bending Moment Diagram which is something that I won’t do wrong even if u ask me to do it after taking a dozen sleeping pill.I was jittering on the paper. One silly mistake after the another and it was all a mess. I didn’t even knew whether I was right or wrong as I myself hardly deciphered what I was trying to communicate. In the whole interview they didn’t ask me a single question which was tough to answer, but there wasn’t a question that was perfectly answered.

They were disappointed, So was I. Interviewer told me on my face, what’s wrong with you. He had warned me in one of the earlier meetings that he won’t tolerate a mistake such as BM diagrams & stuff. The HR person asked me some questions on how comfortable I will be in working in Chennai. That also was answered very badly, not convincing at all. After this the Interview was over and done with & I walked out in exaclty same state as I walked in. I didn’t realize till then what blunders I made inside. It was a terror-fic Interview & no Interviewer deserves such a bad show in IIT on the first day of the branch. 

I came out and sat of the sofa, relaxed for a few more minutes, and suprisingly all the headache dissapeared. My head was replaying each moment of the terrorizing Interview. I knew what all I have screwed up and that was enough to know that It was the Interview that I Cupped.Bbye Saipem.

PS: They took just Swetha and apparently everyone else except Arjun did bad. Life have it’s own ways. ONGC also took only two students and put another 4 in the waitlist which is still waiting. 

PPS: Lloyd’s Register, My biggest recruiter cancelled their visit for recruitment the same morning. They were my biggest recruiters and were supposed to recruit 10-12 students. 

It was the worst days of my IIT Life. Keep waiting for the Interview that I cracked – Keppel FELS. That’s pure Masala 😀


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