That was a good Interview – ONGC

I got a lot of feedback, comments, suggessions and handy tips froma lot of dear and caring friends after my last post my first job interview on the day before I had it. I am glad to have such a great set of friends and that gives me strength. Thanks for being around guys. Nothing feels better than the warmth of friendship.

Now back to the subject matter. What actually happened in the interview or i must say interviews. That was a tough day to be sitting for the job interviews for the first time. A test from 8AM for one and a half hour for Saipem India Projects Limited at CRC immediately followed by a presentation from ONGC at the department of Ocean Engineering for another half an hour. Then gathering everone for the interviews, listening to the HR Managers bickerings and at the same time keeping the atmosphere lite. Then there was a long wait for your turn. The pressure of the “would be” questions in the interview. There was some relief after Jaypurohit said he did well in the interview and much more relief when Kirti came out hopping and jumping from the interview. After two more guys it was my turn to go in and steal the show.

I went in and immediately felt that the interviewers were very friendly and jolly guys. Even before i took my seat the started shooting questions on me. What’s your name?- This questions was way way better than the expected “tell me about yourself”. After this they immediately jumped to  the only technical question of the interview. There is this “patrolling vessel” in your resume. What’s that. Sounded very general. I told him what a patrolling vessel is and then went on to explain what was my experience with the vessel at GSL. What did i do and what i learned. The details of the workflow at the Shipyard, the machines used there in the steel cutting shop etc. etc. 

Then the interview moved more towards my interests and anything and everything that i wished to tell them right from the first year when we started the Linux Users Group, then somethings about my intern, my passions, my initiatives etc. But i missed a lot of things and i am realizing that now, while writing this post. They were preety impressed with me, and while i was leaving out, they told me that-“It’s very tough to decide whom to leave”. I said take all of us. I could have easily impressed them 10 times more than what i actually did. But all in all they were happy and so was I.

I came out and felt that I was through, and then suddenly I had to fill that Bio-data form which had fields like CGPA, 10th percentage and 12th percentage etc. I was no match to anyone there. I have the lowest scores when it came to 10th and 12th marks CGPA is kinda OK.

That was it. Everyone else had their interviews too and all I could do is to wait for the results. In the meantime they met our HOD and told him that it was the best set of students they have interviewed in the last few years. I was expecting them to recruit some 4-5 students earlier and after hearing these comments my hopes were higher. But the HR guy who was taking care of the interview scheduling told me that they get pained at times when they have to recruit dumbos and at time when they want to recruit all the smart ones around but can’t. Govt. Companies have this fixed set of students to be recruited, not one more and not one less.

They ended up making only two offers and i was nowhere on the list. They said they have put 4 students on the waiting list and will try their best to confirm them from the Head office. No one knows except them who are in the list.

I am hoping that they clear the list before the next company comes here for recruitment.


19 thoughts on “That was a good Interview – ONGC

  1. @funny – Thanks for the hope. I will never leave it.
    @Bhale – We will keep doing good.
    @murali – Nice to see u commenting.Thanks for believing in me.
    @shiwani – job lagte hi tr8 pakki… promise.

  2. hi
    this is sundar from chennai. i have cleared wirtten test for the post of asst tech electronics in ongc. i am going to attend personal interview soon. pls let me know how will be the interview? questions will be from technical or generally? pls mail me

      • Hello Sundar,

        I am reading this very late. Our ONGC interviews were very different than the normal ONGC Interviews. It was special campus placements where it was very short 15mins interviews. They casually just went over our resumes and grade cards etc. In the end took the guys with highest aggregate of marks 🙂

  3. Hey friends, feel good reading the posted comments !!!
    I am shortlisted for Assistant Technician (Production), pls suggest what should I prepare for the Interview.

  4. What were technical (Electronics) questions in personal interview for assistant technician AII? Was that interview complete technical? Can anybody…

  5. I have been shortlisted for the ONGC Assistant Executive Engineer (Resorvoir) based on my GATE Score. I am going to attend the interview on 17/06/2015. I dont know what are the questions they will ask. Basically i am a mathematics students…So if anyone have any idea please send your suggestions to

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