My First Job Interview

Yes, i have done three interns and an endless list of other things, but the closest thing to any interview for me is the Spons-pub coord interview in 1st year. I cleared that.

Tomorrow after 6 months of tough convincing of companies the day is finally here. The day for which me and a lot of friends have been preparing from last six years. Everyone thinks that you will get the job. I am telling you it’s a tough situation to be in, but gladly i have experience of that. The scene was almost the same when i was writing JEE.

Back then i was a bit confident, bit worried, bit unprepared but somewhere inside i knew that i can do it. That was the driving force. Another driving factor was that i just didn’t had the option to screw up. There was only one option – winning it. A lot depended on it. I had to do it, i did it.

It’s almost the same case tomorrow. A lot depends on it. I have only one option. Just the day before you think of everything good, bad & ugly that have happened in the due course of time. You think about the things you know, about the things you should know for the test/interview, about all those things that you think you have forgotten.About the competition for that one job, and mostly i think what others know and i don’t. Where i might screw up. Do i really know the important stuff. Am i ready??

I know somethings. Whether they will suffice or not is to be answered. What i learned from the last time i faced such a situation was that everyone needs revision, and control of emotions. It’s the emotional intelligence that matters more here than the purest geeky intelligence. I know a lot about the way companies recruit, what they are looking for. I have a lot of it in me. I know that, but the point is the prove it to them. What companies look for is a good overlap.

The thing that’s haunting me always it utter perfection and flawless control over a subject. I don’t have it. I know something about a lot of things. A vast array of things.  I know my shrtcomings and i know my strengths but i am not very good at expressing them. I never really had to. Now i have to. I am trying my best to do that. But i don’t know the best way out. At times like today when a lot is to be done in too less time i generally hit the panic button. I have this good/bad habit of trying to do things with least amount if resources and also the best way possible. I enjoy this exploration part more than the actual learning. I do learn a lot in the process, but it’s the process that i enjoy more than the results. It’s a method which is very very good in long run but it fails in the short run. I just cannot be mechanical, i have to look for that particular way that is better than the way i am doing it now. Believe me it’s a bad thing. It sounds good, but it’s bad when it’s the results that matter. But i can work hard to compensate for that. At times i do, that’s when the results come by.

I am not complaining about anything here. I completely love what i am now and the things i did in my 4 years at IIT. There were just too many awesome things to do here at IIT and for a guy like me it’s like heaven. I mean it wasn’t jsut possible to sit around and be perfect in one thing, i did that in Bilaspur where i had nothing much to do. I love knowing things. The amount doesn’t matter. There was no time to attain perfection. I wanted to know everything that i didn’t when i came in from my sweet little city in the woods.

End of IIT life is not the end of life, bit it sure feels like. It took quite a lot of time for me to realize that there it’s just another beginning after iit. I am waiting for it and excited about it. Another thing that i realized is that i am a BTech and not a PhD. I am supposed to know something about everything and everything about something.



8 thoughts on “My First Job Interview

  1. If we are really hell bent on some thing the whole universe conspires to give us that..we just need to be sincere to our selves-i wish you all the very best hula

  2. I would advise you to keep things simple. relax and remember Swami Vivekanada, “Work for work’s sake”. Forget everything else.
    I wish you all the best.

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