Finally on Light Music Stage

Yeah. I finally managed to derive the courage and enthusiasm to go on the stage and shout (can’t say sing) my heart out. It was due to constant teasing by Mamme’s little sisters Nillie and Winnie that we don’t have it in us to go onto that stage and perform. Our wing was fart and etc. etc. Finally after being tormented for half an hour I started sending this message to tattu, bhondu, dedh, anty, Dilli, Mamme(sitting next to me), Moli and Chola. There were plans initially that all of us will go on stage and sing, but no one seemed interested after reaching the venue and gradually most of us left from CLT for some reason or the other..

“Are you coming back (to CLT)… we are singing today…. Fuck Everything…”
In return I received replies from Tattu and Moli. Moli had waited long enough for us and finally gave up and went back to hostel. So, knowing him well he was quite tough to get him out. But tattu’s reply was rather casual, and to put in tattu’s words – “He was game”.
Well just one more message and tattu was on the way to CLT. Bingo!!!
But Dilli gave up in the last minute and decided not to come along, for which he can expect some real pain in his life till the day I pass out of this awesome campus. Sorry Dilli, you invited it. No hard feelings 🙂

We were in need of one more last corpse and tattu managed to convince Antennae to reach CLT from hostel in 5 mins. He managed it and our team was all set..

Mamme managed to convince the LM coord after putting some senti to him about final year etc etc.

There we were singing “Yeh Dil deewana, Deewana hain yeh Dil” Antennae actaully had the whole lyrics of the song written with him.

An evening i will always remember…

PS: Just for records, I do have a group singing second prize certificate from school. 🙂

PPS: I will add the video once i track down the guy who recorded us that night.


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