Dream on…..

I dream.

I dream big.

I chase my dreams.

I go upto madness, at times, to achieve them.

Generally( I feel) i fail.

Sometimes I give up.

But, When I win, there is no stopping me and my imagination.

I Celebrate.

I go to my meta-state.

My Confidence knows no bounds.

My feet are off the Ground.

I am ‘high’ wthout drinking.

I dream even bigger and achieve it in no-time!!!

I cross all the limits of self praisal & dream yet again.

But, this time i fail!!

I just don’t fail; I fall.

I collide with my head towards the ground.

After facing such a fall it hurts. It hurts real bad.

I cry, I yell & rant & sometimes feel depressed!


—— From the diaries


10 thoughts on “Dream on…..

  1. Nice one.. but i wud like to just add a quote here..
    “There is something better than just dreaming, that is Imagineering” And thats what u do most of the time dear šŸ™‚

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