I named this blog to store things very close to me, but till day all of them have made it only into my personal diary. I get really frustrated at times for no or very small reasons, though i had easily walked through a lot tougher times. It just happens and i have no control over it. I practically feel emotionless at these times but feel like talking to every near and dear one, but never share anything with them. The maximum i will tell is that i had a bad day. One of those very close friends made me write this piece.It’s coming straight out of my diary.

I am a partial liar. It’s more deadly than a real one. Everytime i say something i shouldn’t have or said it lot earlier than it should have or didn’t actually had the credit to say so(that essentially implies i lied), it jsut makes life a lot of miserable and makes me feel the most worthless soul of the entire creation.

Most of the time i live in my own virtual world which have only one superhero. Yeh, it’s me.The man who can do anything & everything. He will dream all the day with his eyes open and seldom when they are closed.But in reality he is jsut another “shekhi( pseud) ” putter but with a differnce that most of the people around him trust him by heart and believe every truth and lie he says. He is not a complete lier, but in facrt he jsut tells the right things at wrong time and genrally at wrong places. He is a fighter and tries hard to materialize those lies and those dreams, but they are lies until then.

I can’t imagine of a more lazier, pseud putter, Exagerrator, Self praising(apne muh miya mithhu), pheku & unefficient person. At least others don’t pretend that they can if they can’t.I do and do it well. So many friends, people and others put so much faith in me and all i do at times is to shatter it into pieces. Even worse is that i know what my problems are but I don’t dare enought to face them head on and rectify them.

Instead i create this virtual world around me & keep living in it.This have to END. Enough of it. Come to reality, you are not a superhero, but a human beinf with say too many flaws. No way it can continue. I am on the path of self destruction & loneliness. I won’t let it happen.No more lies, leave others first be honest to yourself. Weigh your options, have  a control over your anxieties. Choose the best thing, deliver and then talk like a proud man. See if you are really upto the jobs requirements.

Be a man of actions. How more lazy can one be.Make notes of things after finishing them and not before startng them.Live the success only after achieving it. Until, then put all the energy in achieving it.Results have to come by. I don’t need books of wisdom.I already have enough of it that i am not even able to follow completely. You were not give up in life all the time. Where did all that motivation go. Nowhere. It’s there. Seek it and recollect it. Set your aims, don’t be targetless. Nothing is more dangerous than a targetless missile.

Don’t give up.Try harder than you have even though of trying. Don’t just push your limits, Extend them.Remember that advertisement ” Winners always have the energy, losers have their reasons”. Don’t search for reasons, instead direct your energy in generating content. Don’t just think over those 1000 ideas, go put them on paper. Don’t be afraid of sharing them. Do some actual work( tat can be called work). Learn to pass on the work to guys more capable than you. Don’t be afraid of competence, if they can do it better than guide thm to the end. Don’t be selfish( that i am not! phew). Remember words of Talli. Maintain your inspiring aura, make sure you are a good example.

No more wasting time is thinking.Action is the name of the game.It’s never about doing everything. It’s about what you can do the best and more often what is the best expected of you.

Do not lie to yourself. It just rips your powerful soul to useless fragments.Be brave. Don’t be afraid or lazy to take tat extra step ahead.Believe and Prove it to yourself and no one else. There is no reason why one can’t succeed yet again.

Make space in this head filled with useless thoughts. Think and do , don’t do and then think. Everyone have infathomable talent, but of what use is it without determination and hardwork.

Just remembered an essay from class 5th “Honesty is the best policy”. honesty to your own self is of paramount importance.


3 thoughts on “Quintessence

  1. Well yes, ‘Action is the name of the game’.
    Who thought being happy would become so tough??
    First of all I think you are a very good person, and you needn’t change a thing.
    But of-course we all have faults and we ourselves know it the best… I won’t say more, just stop punishing yourself for it.
    You told me once about the feeling of satisfaction you had last year …. when you joined the college early.
    The thing is, you just need some time to relax. You will be back after that.
    That you have taken the first step to realise all this is ACTION.
    Take care.

  2. i think you know the answers to all your questions. then what are you waiting for ….Sometime too much wisdom is also bad , so be crazy as you are !! .

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