The Flip Vessel

I am very well aware that this is the “crib hajaar” and do nothing to improve period, but i have already done that a lot.Bachha shared a video of The flip vessel Yesterday. It’s so damn freakin’ cool and call it a coincidence or a deja-vu; we were doing the same thing today afternoon in our lab.

We took a 3m long, perfectly fabricated model of a ship and there were holes in the front bow region and the back end of the ship(technically called transom).
We attached hinges in the bow region hole and used a BIG crane to lift the model.All of us were fighting to try our hands on the crane.Took it to the wave basin and started lifting the model slowly.It was swaying and we were standing just above 3.5m deep water basin on corroded metal flanges and rotten wood panels.After somehow hanging it at a decent height, and we made a pendulum out of it( some insult for a ship šŸ˜› ).We took some engineering level measurements and packed off after hearing some bickering of the prof.
It was sweaty but exciting. All that pain just to find the center of gravity of the empty( not so worthless) model.

Life is strange yet fun……


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