Bura na mano Holi Hain….

Holi 2008 Ganga Hostel

With this photo speaking everything for itself, i don’t need to write much to tell the whole story.But, some insight is worthwhile.

The above shown Cloth deprived ,Bare chested & 70% naked monsters are the inmates of the glorious Ganga Hostel of IIT Madras, celebrating holi; The festival of colours, which is more appropriately put as festival of dirt & water with lot of marapiti, in context of ganga.

As soon as you step out of your door( or ushered out, it’s worser) and enter the quadrangle, you are lifted feets above floor and all you have left over with, after the brutality,  are the barest minimum :P. Some freshies are horrified and dumbfound and few others send the message that they were destined to be in ganga.All the others are well versed with the holy traditions and make sure that everyone follows the dress code and behaves morally.

Then there are the HOLI songs from hindi movies to add up to the feel of the fest. It has been the best holi of my life.


9 thoughts on “Bura na mano Holi Hain….

  1. The lot is having maximum amount of fun they ever have in the year.
    HOLI is the festival celebrated in India every year.We play with colours and water and do a lot of things i explained above.
    The dirtier you get, the better .

  2. It’s mytholigical.
    In the hindu mythology there was an evil king called Hiranyakashyapu.He was very powerful and no one in the universe had the power to kill him.
    He had a son called Prahlad, who was a heart and soul devotee of Lord Vishnu, the saviour god of hindus.
    His son at a very small age of 10-12 years, revolted against his father and tried to persuade him to stop his evil deeds.Hiranyakashyapu decided to kill his own son.He ordered his sister, who could not be burned by fire, to take prahlad and sit in a big fire.But under the protection of lord vishnu, prahlad came out safe , while the lady got burned.
    On the next day, the common people celebrated the death of evil lady and they celebrated the day by sprinkling colours over each other.
    The colours were a symbol of hope in their ruined life.
    From that day, everyone in India celebrated this festival.
    Later another avatar of Lord Vishnu killed hiranyakashyapu.

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